March 14, 2017

15 Secrets of a Long Life

I want longevity – one of the most common. Everything carefully removed as a child on our grandparents’ card? However, sustainability will be different. It is unlikely that someone would want to spend the last 10-20 years of his life, non-geriatric illness forever and nothing to remember. How do you guarantee that life is not only time but also quality?


  1. Refusal of bad habits. Sign Legend small risk of smoking for the health of a pack of cigarettes – no personal will of the chapter Ministry of Health. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can extend life. Moreover, the money saved is like having something interesting “Java Pack” at your age.
  2. For the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Scientists have long known that a reasonable consumption of red wine over. The main thing was to drink high quality, and you have no trouble stopping for a drink or half a glass.
  3. The fight against obesity. Even a small weight at age creates problems. They not only mobility but also your overall health relate. Fat deposits are bad for blood vessels and create risk for diabetes.
  4. Do not forget about physical activity. Activity – one of the main healthy living commitments. It allows you to maintain a good shape and a good mood. Not that it matters what the person your age: running in the morning, doing exercises on the treadmill or bullets for hunting billiards. The main thing is that this does not end an active lifestyle and does not enter the category of “Survivor”. Still Life – a movement and no movement a person quickly misses the opportunity to enjoy.
  5. Mental activity for long life as well as physical meaning. Of course, people who have a tendency to mental activity, long retention of thought freshness, a good memory and an interest in the outside world. While most fall into senile dementia, television programs before not anything serious is necessary. In addition, who needs mental clarity without sustainability?
  6. Creative activity is particularly useful for health, according to experts from the Institute of the human brain. It stimulates the brain constantly and does not automatically load responses and enjoy every time new challenges. Therefore, in adulthood, working for health even more necessary as an exercise, say researchers.
  7. Ask about sense of humor is not forgotten. No wonder they say that laughter prolongs life. This expression can be understood literally because scientists have long had the correct statistical analyzes. They found that laughter helps in the fight against obesity, curing heart disease and improves circulation.
  8. Regular sexual act on the most favorable body. Taiwanese researchers, to carry out the necessary investigations, believes that sexual acts to rejuvenate the body and slows down the aging process. You can check this by looking at pictures of famous people in adulthood with Lovelace’s reputation.
  9. The most controversial idea is interesting, but marriage so early contributes to longevity. This statement is not a scientist, but an old Arab under the name Al-Dasara. In the East, it is generally accepted for early marriage – and this man was no exception. In addition, he has a couple of young women still born (the father of the family for about 90 years), give children healthy for him. Therefore, Al-Dasara believes that marriage makes responsible people and adults and helps to pass through the path of life without being distracted by stupidity.
  10. Psychologists say that free expression of feelings is good for health. Interesting results gave a shout out of the study. It helps women cope with the stress condition and a positive effect, but men cry against the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. This is the recommendation of the doctors an attractive image of the woman matriarchal creates with her crying, the steam is released, and he replied obediently in silence. And with so much care of your health.
  11. Antioxidants, according to scientists, can significantly slow the aging process of the entire organism down. These particular substances that prevent the oxidation of organic compounds and booster cage. Carrots, cabbage, peaches, apricots, strawberries, as well as fish, cranberries, pomegranate and green tea: They are found in many fruits and vegetables.
  12. Eating nuts prolong life for an average of 7 years. In such an unexpected conclusion was made scientists in California. The fact that the composition of the special nuts substances that protect the heart and blood vessels from the harmful effects of cholesterol. Enough food to achieve the desired effect on the nuts 5 per week.
  13. Eating apples can also increase life expectancy. British scientists conducted a large study on the subject and found that with a proper diet and physical activity an apple a day, allows a person to live on average three years longer.
  14. The ability to cry, it seems, is necessary for health. That is what a lacrimology expert, Tears of Science, William Frey says. He argues that people who are forced from childhood, before limiting tears and suffering, more sick and die in the future. This is especially true for the boy who diligently learns “men”. Already among the young, often colitis, gastritis and ulcers.
  15. unusual way to prolong life, can shave be called. A Cambridge researcher discovered that the habit of scratching monkeys promotes the release of endorphins – the happy hormone. People are far from being removed from their ancestors. For those after the scientist, clutter is also a soothing and harmonizing agent and may even prolong life. These few people recognize why scratching the welcome is not in the modern world…

So often have sex, be sure to drink by loading and wine. This program is important, not only the noble gray hair lives to help, but also make life a lot more fun than watching TV on the couch, grunting and introspection. Increasingly read in our article – because mental activity also extends to life!

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