Are 1978 Corvettes worth anything?

Are 1978 Corvettes worth anything?

Are 1978 Corvettes worth anything?

When it came out in the 1970s, the 1978 Chevrolet Corvette sold for between $9,000 and a little over $10,000. Its original MSRP base price was set at $9,645. Nowadays, automobile selling websites like will sell a 1978 Chevrolet Corvette in excellent condition for around $27,600.

What is the top speed of a 1978 Corvette?

123 mph
Not only will it run faster now — the L-82 version with four-speed is certainly the fastest American production car, while the base L-48 automatic (0-60: 7.8 seconds, top speed: 123 mph) is no slouch — but general driveability and road manners are of a high order as well.

Who owns the Corvette from Corvette Summer?

This isn’t the original Corvette Summer car, as that had a right-wheel drive conversion and the cool bowtie tail lights. That car is part of the collection owned by MA Motorworks owner Mike Yeager.

What is a 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette worth?

This 1978 SA Vette is equipped with desirable options that include power steering, brakes and windows, air conditioning, tilt-telescopic steering column and factory seat belts. We place a value on this 1978 Silver Anniversary Edition Corvette at $15,500 in part due to the low mileage and the optional L-82 motor.

Is there a 1978 Corvette Stingray?

1978 was the 25th anniversary of Corvette. To celebrate a competely re-designed body was rolled out with new “fastback” styling. The new wrap-around rear window provided much more space behind the seats but was not a hatchback….’78 Corvette Facts.

RPO 19/47
Exterior Black/Silver
Interior SV
Production 6,502

What is the average price of a 1978 Corvette?

Chevrolet’s car sales rose to 2,341,035, and 46,776 of these were Corvettes. The base price had risen to $9,351.89, but Chevrolet also offered an Indy 500 Pace Car replica for a whopping $13,653.21. These ’78 Corvette Pace Cars had two-tone silver and black paint, their own number sequence and white-letter tires.

How do I identify a 1978 Corvette pace car?

For another, the Pace Car edition Corvettes featured a special vehicle identification number (VIN). The 1978 Corvette Pace Car VIN numbers had the number “9” as the eighth digit in the thirteen-digit sequence as opposed to the number “4” associated with all other 1978 models.

Why was the Corvette in Corvette Summer right hand drive?

Potts got pins in her legs whilst Hamill got a broken nose. The Corvette car was a 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray converted to right hand drive so that Mark Hamill could hang out of the curbside window looking at the ladies.

What Corvette is in Corvette Summer?

1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE. Lot #925 – “Corvette Summer” inspired this car offered by Gas Monkey Garage. It’s the summer of ’78 and Luke Skywalker has returned as the co-star of this iconic ’70s fiberglass romance simply known as “Corvette Summer.” Mark Hamill was the driver, but the car was the star.

What did they do to the corvette in 1978?

Production of the anniversary edition was not limited and 15,283 Corvettes were eventually sold with this paint. To mark the Corvettes 25 th anniversary, some notable improvements were made. 1978 Corvettes had a new fastback roofline and rear window. These changes enhanced the Corvette’s sleek silhouette.

What kind of paint did the 1978 Corvette have?

Available aluminum wheels and dual sport mirrors required with this package. Fast Fact: the 1978 Corvette was the pace car for the Indy 500. This car has distinctive Black/Silver two-tone paint with a red pin-stripe. Enter to Win!

What are the specs of a 1978 Corvette?

Corvette continues to offer a long list of standard equipment. Those included in the 1978 are: 4-barrel 350 Cu. In. V8. Choice of 4-Speed manual or automatic transmission. Independent suspension, front and rear. Power steering. Reinforced fiberglass body construction that can’t rust or corrode.

What was the original color of the corvette?

In the design phase, the original Pace Car design was to feature a two-tone silver paint with red striping, and was to feature special Goodyear tires with the word “CORVETTE” imprinted in raised, white, sidewall lettering.