Are Axon phones good?

Are Axon phones good?

Are Axon phones good?

ZTE’s Axon series has always provided excellent hardware at a superb value with very few compromises. At 599 euros, the ZTE Axon 10 Pro is priced to compete against the OnePlus 7 Pro and Asus Zenfone 6. It’s a phone that falls in the flagship category without the flagship price.

Is ZTE Axon 20 good?

Four rear cameras, an innovative under-display selfie module, and a massive 6.92-inch / 90 Hz OLED display makes the ZTE Axon 20 5G look like a good value for the money. In our image quality testing protocol, however, the device came up a little short.

Who makes Axon phones?

ZTE Axon
ZTE Axon – Full phone specifications.

Does the ZTE axon 10 pro have wireless charging?

The ZTE Qi Wireless Charger Pad is specifically made for the Axon 10 Pro Android smartphone. The charging pad supports fast charging up to 15W. Simply connect the Qi charger by USB-C cable to a power adapter and start charging your Zhongxing Axon 10 Pro cell phone without a cable on your desk or nightstand.

What is under screen camera?

Oppo has announced the latest iteration of its under-screen camera technology, claiming it allows for a selfie camera to be placed under the display “without compromising the integrity of the screen.” Unlike earlier approaches that reduce pixel density in the portion of the screen that covers the camera in order to let …

Why is ZTE banned in USA?

Last year, the FCC designated Huawei and ZTE as national security threats to communications networks – a declaration that barred U.S. firms from tapping an $8.3 billion government fund to purchase equipment from the companies.

Which phone does Ronaldo use?

Christiano Ronaldo (Juventus) Nonetheless, the player uses a Huawei Mate 10 Porsche Design which is a luxurious version of one of Huawei’s flagship. The phone is quite expensive as you can guess from the ‘Porche’ name tag. The smartphone goes for about $1200 and has its design directly from the Porsche team.

Does ZTE Axon 10 Pro have Gorilla Glass?

The Axon 10 Pro features a 6.47-inch curved flexible AMOLED FHD+ display with really slim bezels. ZTE has used COP packaging technology which results in an ultra-thin lower bezel that measures just 1.8mm. The phone has a 92% screen-to-body ratio, is covered with Gorilla Glass and supports HDR10.

When did the Axon 10 Pro come out?


Launch Announced 2019, February
Status Available. Released 2019, May

Why is ZTE banned in US?

Why did they stop making ZTE phones?

In 2017, ZTE was fined for illegally exporting U.S. technology to Iran and North Korea in violations of economic sanctions. In April 2018, after the company failed to properly reprimand the employees involved, the U.S. Department of Commerce banned U.S. companies (semiconductors) from exporting to ZTE for seven years.