Are center console boats good for fishing?

Are center console boats good for fishing?

Are center console boats good for fishing?

If you’re serious about fishing, a center console boat is definitely the way to go. Modern center console boats are incredibly spacious and have plenty of room on the deck for all of your gear, and offer 360-degree access to the water, which is perfect for reeling in a difficult catch.

Who makes Xpressboats?

Building their first boat in 1966, Arkansas-based Aluma-Weld/Xpress boats offers a wide range of fishing and hunting watercraft.

Are center console boats good for Lakes?

What makes center consoles so good for the Great Lakes? First of all, they are perfectly shaped to handle most if not all rough conditions the Great Lakes may throw at you. Also, they are great for both deep sea and shallow water fishing (bass, trout, salmon, pretty much every type of fishing).

What is the point of center console boats?

And most anglers understand why center console boats are ideal from the fishing perspective: they allow for 360-degree fishability, maximize deck space, provide a bow cockpit as well as an aft cockpit, and can be designed with more or less specificity to target specific fisheries and fishing tactics.

What are the advantages of center console boats?

4 Advantages of Center Console Boats

  • Greater Accessibility to Water. A center console boat is going to allow easier access to the bow, stern, and sides of the boat.
  • Storage & Space.
  • Balance.
  • Improved Visibility.

What kind of boat is the catfish pro?

The Catfish Pro is designed for big fish, big water and bigtime fishermen. The Viper™ hull turns flat and tight with the versatility to take on the “Big Muddy” or slip into shallow coves only inches deep.

Is the Lowe 20 catfish a fishing boat?

An intuitive side-console helm with easy-to-read gauges makes the captain’s job a breeze, while fold-down driver and passenger seats with storage let you and your fishing partner ride in comfort. The 20 Catfish bay boat exemplifies Lowe Boats’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction—step aboard and experience it for yourself!

How many people can fit on a catfish boat?

I’ve had five people, three big coolers, a baitwell full of water, and the giant front livewell and the boat still performs excellent with the Yamaha 115. The decks are huge and comfortably fit three guys on the front deck.

Why did Xpress boats build the Xplorer catfish?

If you chase big cats, you know it takes much more than just a bobber and a big stick! Xpress Boats understands that principle as well and when we set out to design and build the finest all-welded aluminum, high performance catfish boat on the water, we knew our audience was going to be critical.