Are CSC Motorcycles reliable?

Are CSC Motorcycles reliable?

Are CSC Motorcycles reliable?

Except for a few flat tires, both the 250cc and 150cc bikes completed the 74,000 cumulative miles and performed flawlessly. In addition to the countless miles accumulated by individual RX3 riders around the world, these group rides proved conclusively the durability of the CSC RX3 Adventure motorcycle.

Are Zongshen motorcycles good?

Yes, Zongshen and yes they are good, they are one of the largest engine manufacturers, they build over 10,000 engine a day.

Where are CSC Motorcycles built?

CSC Motorcycles has moved its manufacturing facility and showroom to Azusa, Calif. The company was formerly housed in La Verne, Calif.

Are Chinese motorcycles reliable?

Point number one: Owning a Chinese motorcycle is different. A long time ago, cycles produced by the Japanese manufacturers were seen as junk. That’s certainly changed, no doubt due to their level of performance and their extreme reliability.

Who does Zongshen make motors for?

They had about 100 automated test stations in there. Zongshen makes engines for their own motorcycles as well as for other manufacturers. They make parts for many other motorcycle manufacturers, including Harley. They make complete scooters for several manufacturers, including Vespa.

What does CSC motorcycle stand for?

California Scooter Company
CSC, which stands for California Scooter Company, is an American company based in Azusa, California. They’ve made a name for themselves by attempting to eliminate the traditional dealer model. Instead of buying from a motorcycle dealership, customers buy their machines from CSC headquarters directly.

Is the 2015 CSC cyclone RX-3 a good bike?

Maybe it’s time we stopped. The reason behind the arrest is the soon-to-be-available 2015 CSC Motorcycles Cyclone RX-3, a motorcycle with a quality of construction, fit and finish to rival bikes from Japan.

What kind of car is the 2016 CSC RX3?

The 2016 CSC RX3 is a surprisingly capable small-displacement adventurer tourer, at a price point that is undeniably attractive. (Photos: the author and James Norris)

How much does a CSC RX3 Adventure tourer cost?

With that in mind, here is the RX3 adventure tourer, powered by a single-cylinder 250cc mill. Small indeed. Built to CSC Motorcycles’ specs by Zongshen in China (they make a million motorcycle engines a year), the RX3 costs $3,895 delivered to your door (plus assembly and a crate fee) through CSC’s website.

What kind of caliper does CSC RX3 adventure have?

Grabbing that disc is a two-piston caliper, with a single-piston unit at the rear; neither is outstanding, and the rear takes a good stomp to skid the tire. Used in concert they provide enough braking power for the 250 with a solo rider, though the front brake faded with hard use on a long, winding downhill.