Are Duncan and Mimei together?

Are Duncan and Mimei together?

Are Duncan and Mimei together?

She is married to Duncan Pain. They have two cats, Latte and Cinnamon Punk, and a dog, Puff Puff. In December 2020, they announced they are expecting a childIn December 2020, they announced they were expecting a child; their daughter was born in April 2021.

Where is Mimei?

Tokyo, Japan-based YouTube vlogger who uploads content about everything Japanese, including culture, food and more.

How did Duncan meet Mimei?

Duncan and Mimei are both successful Japanese YouTubers. Both Duncan and Mimei are long-time fans of Phil’s- Phil was Duncan’s inspiration to start a YouTube channel, and he met his now-wife Mimei in the comments of an old AmazingPhil video. …

Who is Sharla in Japan?

Sharla Katalin Hinskens, also known as Sharmeleon (born April 23, 1986), is a Canadian YouTuber who has been vlogging about her experiences in Japan since 2011.

How old is Mimei?

34 years (17 June 1987)

What does jun and Rachel do?

Cincinnati Ohio, U.S. Rachel and Jun are an American/Japanese married couple of YouTube personalities who make online videos about Japanese culture and society (sometimes called J-vlog(ger)s), and reciprocal perceptions between Japanese and Westerners.

How old is Sharla from Japan?

Sharla of Sharla in Japan is a 29-year-old, Canadian-born, Tokyo-based “YouTuber” (“That’s what they call it here,” she says). With over 200,000 subscribers to her channel, she documents her life.

Is Sharla vegan?

After Sharla changed her diet, she was finding it harder and harder to stick to it in a country that loves pork! Find out how Sharla was able to continue eating vegan amidst Japan’s meaty food culture.

Who is Taylor R?

Taylor Richard — better known as Taylor R, or simply Taytay — first came to Hong Kong from Canada in 2010 by way of a modelling agency. In 2011, she decided to dive into social media as a way to connect with others and share her life in the city.

Are Rachel and Jun still married?

They married in 2011 but spent four years in a long distance relationship while Jun finished his studies in Japan and Rachel served out an obligation as an officer in the United States Air Force in the US.

How old is Jun from Rachel and Jun?

JunsKitchen is one of four YouTube channels run by Yoshizuki, 29, and his wife, Rachel, 30. While most of their channels focus on their life and travels in Japan, JunsKitchen features basic cooking tutorials.