Are Niamh and Sorcha Cusack sisters?

Are Niamh and Sorcha Cusack sisters?

Are Niamh and Sorcha Cusack sisters?

The daughter of the Irish actor Cyril Cusack, she is the sister of Sinéad Cusack and Sorcha Cusack, and half-sister of Catherine Cusack. She has two brothers, Paul Cusack, a television producer, and Pádraig Cusack, Producer for the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain.

Who is Sinéad Cusack’s father?

Cyril Cusack
Sinéad Cusack/Fathers

Who is Cusack siblings?

Joan Cusack
Ann CusackBill CusackSusie Cusack
John Cusack/Siblings

Is Sinéad Cusack related to Niamh Cusack?

She is the sister of actresses Sorcha Cusack, Niamh Cusack, and half-sister to Catherine Cusack. Her father was born in South Africa, to an Irish father and an English mother, and had worked with Micheál Mac Liammóir at Dublin’s Gate Theatre.

Who was Cyril Cusack married to?

Mary Rose Cunninghamm. 1979–1993
Maureen Cusackm. 1945–1977
Cyril Cusack/Spouse

Was Niamh Cusack in Father Brown?

Mrs McCarthy strikes it lucky at the church bingo with the help of a fortune-teller. Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) is stunned when her sister Roisin (Niamh Cusack) arrives in Kembleford. When Father Brown goes to see her the next morning to discuss the matter, he finds her dead. …

Who is Jeremy’s son?

Max Irons
Samuel Irons
Jeremy Irons/Sons

Does Joan Cusack have a daughter?

Manhattan, New York, U.S. Ann Cusack (born May 22, 1961) is an American actress. She had minor roles in the 1996 comedy Multiplicity, A League of Their Own (1992) and The Informant!

Who is the oldest Cusack?

Born October 11, 1962, in New York City, Joan Cusack is the daughter of an actor and a math teacher. Cusack grew up in a family of thespians: All four of her siblings have pursued acting careers, most notably her youngest brother, John.

Who is the Irish actress in Father Brown?

Sorcha Cusack
Sorcha Cusack (Irish pronunciation: [ˈsˠɔɾˠəxə]; born 9 April 1949) is an Irish television and stage actress. Her numerous television credits include playing the title role in Jane Eyre (1973), Casualty (1994–1997), Coronation Street (2008) and Father Brown (2013–present).