Are Ritchies and IGA the same?

Are Ritchies and IGA the same?

Are Ritchies and IGA the same?

Ritchies is the largest independent supermarket chain in Australia, owned by a group of private investors including Metcash. Ritchies, also known as “Ritchies Supa IGA”, have the majority of their stores located in Victoria.

How many Ritchies IGA stores?

Ritchies Stores/Number of locations

What is the difference between IGA and Supa IGA?

So the IGA is mostly owned by the local people, while the Supabarn is owned by a company.

How many Ritchies supermarkets are there?

Ritchies Supermarkets & Liquor Celebrating 150 Years Growing to employ over 5,500 employees in 78 stores across three states, Ritchies Supermarkets is a mainstay in the Australian grocery sector.

What supermarkets are in Yamba?

Local Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in Yamba NSW

  • Coles Supermarkets. More info. Yamba Rd, Yamba, NSW, 2464.
  • Spar Express Yamba. More info. 7 Wooli St, Yamba, NSW, 2464.
  • K & P Oman. More info. 10 Yamba St, Yamba, NSW, 2464.
  • Coles Supermarkets. More info.
  • Coles Supermarket Australia Pty Ltd. More info.
  • IGA Supermarkets. More info.

Does IGA sell alcohol?

IGA Liquor is now delivering to your doorstep via Shop MyLocal. Click the link below to shop online today. FIND A STORE Available with selected stores only. Over 18s only.

Do IGA sell cigarettes?

Coles, IGA and Foodworks stores are selling cut-price premium brand cigarettes for as low as $20 a packet that are imported from Ukraine, in a move that has been described by anti-smoking advocates as “reprehensible”. Quit Victoria director Dr Sarah White said the price drop was concerning.

Is IGA expensive?

The most expensive place to shop is at independent chain IGA, which charged 5-7% more than Coles and Woolworths for an identical basket of leading brand items.

Is IGA owned by Loblaws?

The IGA operations in Atlantic Canada were sold to Loblaw Companies Limited (except for Edmundston, and Dieppe which runs as IGA-Co-op, previously acquired by Sobeys New Brunswick) and were restructured under its existing brands. The company-owned stores west of Quebec now mainly operate under the Sobeys banner.

What shops are in Yamba?


  • COLES.

Does IGA liquor price match?

To get a price for Price Match products, we match against the lower of the Coles or Woolworths price. In particular, for the ACT, we use the NSW Price Match price and for the Northern Territory, we use the South Australia Price Match price.