Are Shimano XT brakes good?

Are Shimano XT brakes good?

Are Shimano XT brakes good?

Overall. The latest Shimano XT brakes should satisfy most trail riders, though diehard fans of the line might need a little coaxing to appreciate the updates. With dependable performance plus easy set-up and maintenance, XT brakes are still the ones to beat.

What are XT brakes?

The new generation of XT brakes feature a re-located handlebar clamp which increases stiffness and reduces flex under heavy braking. The brake also features an updated lever shape with a taller and flatter profile compared to the previous generation brake.

Are 4 piston brakes more powerful?

Four-piston brakes are so much more powerful than a two-piston and, for many riders, they might be a touch too responsive. Some brands offer smaller pistons, of different sizes, which creates a more gradual contact pressure point with the pad.

Are Shimano XT brakes?

Shimano has had a four-piston brake in their XT lineup for a while now, and the calipers are using ceramic pistons that are home to the same finned, metallic pads. The updates are cosmetic and external down at this end, with a new finish, smooth edges, and inboard banjo routing that gives it a sleeker appearance.

What does free stroke do on XT brakes?

The free stroke allows one to adjust each brake so that they have similar starting and ending lever positions.

Is SLX better than Deore XT?

Shimano SLX is also a killer value and sees a bit of weight savings over the cheaper Deore groupset. Much of the weight is in the rear cassette that gets an alloy cog and carrier compared to the steel Deore option. Looks get a bit cleaner and materials also get a slight improvement.

Is Zee better than XT?

Shimano Zee is the brake for no-frills riders who love the descents. On the trail the longer pad and smoother, four-piston delivery means that the brakes are less grabby than the two-piston XT and Deores, delivering more modulation with power on tap if you need it.

What is the difference between Shimano XT and XTR brakes?

The modulation in the brakes is vastly improved over the previous on/off generation of Shimano brakes. The XTR versions, however, do control power noticeably better than the XT. I didn’t notice any brake fade on longer descents with the XT brakes. Even when things got wet, the brakes performed flawlessly.