Are soleus watches good?

Are soleus watches good?

Are soleus watches good?

All in all, this is a very nice little GPS watch at a very reasonable price (currently $89 at Amazon, similar pricing at Running Warehouse). Pluses are the low price, low profile form factor, long battery life, and accurate recording of average pace and run distance.

Can I change the battery on my soleus watch?

Can I change the battery on my Soleus watch? Battery replacement must be performed by an authorized Soleus service center to retain a valid warranty. In addition to battery replacement, the service center will test movement, gaskets, water resilience and hardware, to further ensure the long – term care of your watch.

Where is the soleus muscle?

posterior leg
The soleus is a broad, large muscle located in the posterior leg, inferior and deep to the gastrocnemius muscles. Compared with the gastrocnemius, the soleus is narrower and has a less robust vascular supply.

Who makes soleus?

Chigo Air Conditioning Co, Ltd.
Soleus Air’s air conditioners and dehumidifiers are made by Chigo Air Conditioning Co, Ltd. Chigo is one of the top air conditioning and dehumidifier manufacturers in the world.

How do you treat a soleus strain?


  1. Rest: Avoid moving the strained muscle as much as possible.
  2. Ice: Apply ice to the affected area to reduce inflammation and pain.
  3. Compression: Wrap the affected area with a medical bandage to prevent swelling.
  4. Elevation: Keep the leg elevated above the heart when possible to reduce bruising and pain.

Are soleus dehumidifiers good?

Soleus Air’s $225 SG-DEH-70-2 dehumidifier has been a CR Best Buy in Consumer Reports’ Ratings. The Soleus Air SG-DEH-70-2 dehumidifier we tested showed no fire risks in our tests and performed well enough to earn a CR Best Buy in our Ratings.

Should I run with soleus pain?

Allow enough time for recovery and avoid performing a running session too soon after a rehabilitation session. During rehabilitation, the soleus muscle will suffer from trigger points and range of movement restrictions.