Can I contact Cafcass directly?

Can I contact Cafcass directly?

Can I contact Cafcass directly?

To speak to someone about your case with Cafcass you can: phone 0300 456 4000 – the Cafcass call centre is open 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Thursday and 09.00 to 16.30 Friday (excluding bank holidays)

What does cafcass Cymru do?

Cafcass Cymru is an organisation in the Welsh Government that provides a voice for any child in Wales that is involved with the Family Justice system. When appointed by the family court we work with families and other organisations to find long-term solutions for the child.

How do you speak to Cafcass?

Tips When Meeting CAFCASS

  1. Do speak calmly and clearly;
  2. Do tell the truth;
  3. Do explain to the CAFCASS Officer why you believe shared parenting is in your children´s best interests unless there are genuine and serious welfare concerns;
  4. Do give the Officer information about your past involvement in the children´s care;

Can I email Cafcass?

All Cafcass official email addresses end in If you receive an email from someone stating to work for Cafcass but you do not know them, please contact our Call Centre on 0300 456 4000 and we can confirm things for you.

Do family courts listen to cafcass?

What will the court decide? The court will make the final decision about what should happen to your children after reading the Cafcass worker’s report and listening to what you and other people in the case have said.

Will cafcass speak to my child?

The Cafcass worker will: usually talk to your children alone – this may be at a neutral venue such as at their school. spend time with you and the other party and listen to any concerns you might have.

Will cafcass come to my house?

What does Cafcass do? Before the first hearing, we will usually do the following: You are unlikely to have a home visit before the first hearing. Only people who are parties to the court proceedings will be interviewed and we do not speak with or meet children at this stage in proceedings.

Will judge go against cafcass report?

Can you challenge a CAFCASS report? A CAFCASS report can be challenged. Even if you agree with the report conclusions the judge may not do so. Generally speaking, a judge will normally follow a recommendation in a CAFCASS report unless there are good reasons not to do so.