Can I make international calls from Airtel prepaid?

Can I make international calls from Airtel prepaid?

Can I make international calls from Airtel prepaid?

Airtel Launches Foreign Pass International Roaming Voice Packs for Prepaid Customers. Customers have the option of choosing from three affordable voice calling packs, starting at Rs. 196 for 20 mins, followed by Rs. 296 for 40 minutes and Rs.

How do I activate International calls on Airtel?

Airtel customers can dial an ISD number from their phone by prefixing “+” to the phone number with the country code where they want to call.

  1. Airtel offers basic ISD service by default.
  2. Customers on Airtel prepaid get discounted ISD calls through Rs. 18 pack.
  3. Airtel postpaid customers can opt for Rs.

How can I recharge my Airtel international call?

To get Airtel recharge done, the user has to put in the Airtel mobile number they want to carry out the recharge for, select one between prepaid and postpaid, select Airtel mobile operator and the circle to which the user belongs. Now the user has to select the ISD plan or enter the recharge amount manualy.

How much do international calls cost on Airtel?

It is Rs 2 per minute for Bangladesh, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, and UK. It is Rs 3 per minute for Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey. Rs 4 per minute for Australia, Bahrain, Pakistan, and Thailand. Rs 5 per minute for Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Russia, and Vietnam.

Can you make a call from India to the US using Airtel unlimited 399?

No cannot, 399 unlimited calling is limited to local and national calling within India so if you wants to make and ISD call to USA or any country outside of India you would need main account balance to be able to dial and successfully connected on call. The Rock admits this was the best decision he ever made.

How much does it cost to call from USA to India?

Calling From. Calling To. For limited time, Amantel is offering special, introductory call rate for India at 0.8 cents/minute to our new customers. This rate is applicable to all calls originating from USA and Canada to India.

How much does Airtel talk cost per minute?

Getting started with Talk is quick and easy. Calls to India starting at just 1 cent per minute. Experience the best way to call back home. What makes airtel talk indispensable for your smartphone?

Can you call someone back home on Airtel?

Say goodbye to pixelated faces and garbled voices. Make crystal clear audio calls & high quality video calls to anywhere in the world. Let your special someone back home call you without paying a penny with the Call Me Free Service. Just opt for one and share it with him or her!