Can I recharge my own fire extinguisher?

Can I recharge my own fire extinguisher?

Can I recharge my own fire extinguisher?

To recharge a fire extinguisher, it must be the right kind of extinguisher. Fire extinguishers with a plastic valve assembly are not suitable for recharging. If the recharge is not performed properly, your fire extinguisher could leak and be ineffective when you need it most.

Can outdated fire extinguishers be refilled?

With proper care, fire extinguishers should last at least 10 to 12 years. Once they reach this age, you should have them hydrostatically tested to check the integrity of the shell. If it holds up under high pressure, you can recharge the canister and continue to use it for a few more years.

How much does it cost to recharge a dry chemical fire extinguisher?

Hire a trained professional to make sure your extinguisher is safe and gets recharged with the correct chemical extinguishing agent. To do this, check your favorite search engine or the Yellow pages for certified fire equipment dealers in your area. A single recharge typically costs between $15 and $25.

What will happen if we use expired fire extinguisher?

The pressure inside the extinguisher gets lost even when left not being used for a long period of time. Parts of the fire extinguisher starts to misbehave: nozzle gets cracked, handle or pin gets broken. You can find cracks or damages on the outer shell.

How often do we need to refill fire extinguisher?

every 12 years
How Often & When to Replace a Fire Extinguisher? If nothing is wrong with your extinguisher, you should have fire extinguisher replacement every 12 years. This is the best rule of thumb for how often to recharge a fire extinguisher, so keep records on the tag to track.

When should you replace fire extinguishers?

Even in pristine condition, a fire extinguisher should be replaced every 12 years and may need to be recharged after 6. Anyone who lights candles, cooks often or just has matches in the house can benefit from a nearby fire extinguisher.