Can low blood sugar affect your memory?

Can low blood sugar affect your memory?

Can low blood sugar affect your memory?

Very low blood sugar can also harm your memory and mental function. Work with your doctor to keep your blood sugar within a healthy range. You also want to stay on top of your cardiovascular disease risks, because heart and blood vessel problems can contribute to memory loss.

Can low blood sugar cause mental confusion?

Diabetes can affect a person’s mood, causing rapid and severe changes. The symptoms of low blood sugar levels that might contribute to mood swings include: confusion.

How does blood sugar affect memory?

Uncontrolled diabetes may increase the risk of experiencing cognitive problems, such as memory loss. Higher than normal blood glucose levels can damage nerve cells, supportive glial cells, and blood vessels in both peripheral nerves of the body and the brain.

Does low blood sugar cause dementia?

Diabetes-associated episodes of low blood sugar may increase the risk of developing dementia, while having dementia or even milder forms of cognitive impairment may increase the risk of experiencing low blood sugar, according to the study published online Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Can you get dizzy from low blood sugar?

Is It Low Blood Sugar? People with diabetes need to check the amount of sugar (glucose) in their blood often. You can get dizzy if it drops too low. That also can cause hunger, shakiness, sweating, and confusion.

Does low blood sugar cause reversible dementia?

The researchers found that those who’d experience a serious episode of low blood sugar had twice the risk of developing dementia (34 percent vs. 17 percent) than those who never had a hypoglycemic episode.

What damage is caused by low blood sugar?

By depriving the brain of glucose, more severe hypoglycemia causes brain damage in animal studies and leads to long-term impairments in learning and memory (3,4).