Can Warriors still tank in TBC?

Can Warriors still tank in TBC?

Can Warriors still tank in TBC?

Warrior tanking changes significantly from Classic to TBC. They will still likely be usable throughout TBC even if some fights are more suitable for Feral or Paladin.

What are the best talents for a protection warrior?

Best Protection Warrior Talents

  • Level 15: Devastator.
  • Level 25: Double Time.
  • Level 30: Booming Voice.
  • Level 35: Crackling Thunder.
  • Level 40: Indomitable.
  • Level 45: Into the Fray.
  • Level 50: Anger Management.

How do you get the Uncrushable TBC warrior?

For warriors to become uncrushable, they need all the highest shield block rating items in the game, but this is only in theory.

How much hit rating is prot warrior TBC?

In TBC, melee hit rating also applies to Taunt and Challenging Shout, however, those are still considered spells and have a base miss chance of 17% unlike melee attacks….Secondary Stats for Protection Warrior Tank in Burning Crusade.

Condition Hit Rating Cap
No buffs 142
Heroic Presence 127
Improved Faerie Fire 95

Is Fury Prot still good in TBC?

Can you Fury tank in TBC? For the most part, no. You might be able to for some of the content, such as early-level dungeons, or some easy trash/bosses in raids; but for the most part you will be far too frail to tank the majority of the hard-hitting content found in the Burning Crusade.

Who is the best tank in TBC?

TBC Tank Rankings

  • Druid. 1012.06 TPS 100%
  • Paladin. 848.28 TPS 83.82%
  • Warrior. 825.53 TPS 81.57%

How can I be immune to crushing blows TBC?

The only way to reduce your chance of receiving a Crushing Blow is for your combined chance to be missed, to dodge, to parry, and to block to be so high that the Crushing Blow chance is pushed off the bottom end of your attacker’s Attack Table.

How much defense is TBC?

Defense Rating has no hard cap. When you reach 490 Defense Skill, you become immune to critical strikes from level 73 mobs (bosses).

How to be a protection warrior in World of Warcraft?

Welcome to the Protection Warrior guide for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. In this guide you will learn about how to tank in dungeons and raids along with which consumables to bring, what enchants and gems to use and what gear you should aim for.

Which is the best talent for protection warrior?

Improved Heroic Strike is one of the best talents you have access to. This talent will save you an immense amount of Rage over the duration of a boss fight. Improved Thunder Clap is a great talent, essentially reducing damage dealt by enemies by an additional 10% and generating decent threat on up to 4 targets.

What are the DPS specs for TBCC warrior?

There are two DPS Warrior specs for TBCC, Fury and Arms: Fury is a dual wield specialization that focuses purely on DPS, while Arms is a two-hand specialization that brings a strong physical damage debuff, along with other raid utility. Standard Fury Warrior DPS TBCC

What kind of tank is a protection warrior?

Protection Warriors are the primary tanks throughout most of the expansion. Their well-rounded nature makes them ideal main tanks for most fights. If you are looking to tank during The Burning Crusade, you cannot go wrong with Protection Warriors. if you have these talents. .