Can we visit chitkul in April?

Can we visit chitkul in April?

Can we visit chitkul in April?

The best time to visit Chitkul Valley is during the summertime in the months of March, April, and May. During this time the skies are clear and the weather bearable. If you want to visit Chitkul during peak winters you must prepare for it accordingly. The winters are extremely cold and the valley experiences snowfall.

Does Sangla have snow?

Sangla in Winter (October – February) Due to the heavy snowfall, the roads remain blocked for around six months. Starting from October, the winters may last till the end of February.

What is the best time to visit Kalpa?

Kalpa is an ideal place to visit during the summers, from April to June. However, if you want to feast on the famous Apples of Kinnaur and witness the visually scenic blooming apple orchards during the harvesting season, then the best time to visit Kalpa is from September to October.

What is the best time to visit Kinnaur?

Although the entire year is a suitable time to visit Kinnaur, the spring and summer seasons are supposedly the best. The months from April to October experiences mild and pleasant which is suitable for local sightseeing. Monsoons should be avoided; winters too, if you cannot handle extreme weather conditions.

Is there snow in Kalpa in April?

Kalpa in April It will still be cold but chances of snowfall in April are extremely rare. The entire region starts to open and prepare for the tourist season ahead. All of the tourist places in Kinnaur Valley will become accessible in April. You will need to bring heavy woolens for a trip in April as well.

Is there snowfall in Kinnaur?

Kinnaur is also known as the ‘Land of fairytales’ and remains snow-clad for six months, quite like Spiti and Lahaul.

How do I get to Sangla?

How to reach Sangla by Rail. The nearest Railway Station is Shimla Railway and is located at a distance of 194 Kms from Sangla. Shimla Railway Station is well connected with Kalka Railway Station and with the cities like Gumman, Kumarhatti, Sonwara, Barog, Kandaghat, Kathleeghat, Taradevi and Summer Hill etc.

Can I visit chitkul in December?

Chitkul may not be accessible at all in December, local guides not needed, but book a taxi with driver who has experience of Kinnaur region. I suggest you to call up hotels & guest houses in Kinnaur and check if they remain open in December, then plan accordingly.

Is chitkul worth visiting?

Famously known as the last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibet Border, Chitkul is also the most beautiful village of the striking Baspa Valley in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. If escapism is your choice of travel drug, let me assure you, a trip to Chitkul will not disappoint.

What is the temperature in Shimla in April?

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Shimla in April is 11.0°C (51.8°F). The amount of rain in April is normal with an average of 61mm (2.4in). You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day.

Is it safe to travel to Kinnaur?

Kinnaur in December-January-February Chitkul and Sangla roads are shut down for 4 months. If one wants to enjoy the winters, visit Kalpa. Caution: Going on Higher altitudes in Kinnaur valley can be dangerous as the snow bed is thick. There is a lack of electricity and extreme weather conditions.

Is Kinnaur open for tourists now?

Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh has banned all the tourism activities in the district till Nov 1 given the rise in cases of COVID-19 across the country. After Spiti, Kinnaur is the second destination in Himachal that has decided to suspend all the tourism-related activities.