July 19, 2021

Can you cite lecture slides?

Can you cite lecture slides?

Lectures and Class Notes If you want to cite something from a lecture that was not included in a set of lecture notes, you would use the format for a personal communication (see the format for an interview, for example). Reference list: Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial.

How do you in text cite a lecture slide in APA?

You would reference this source in-text as you normally would by the author’s last name and date. For lecture notes, you would write something like [Lecture notes on key Sophists] in place of the title. Your second choice is to refer to the lecture as personal communication.

How do you cite a job in APA?

Q. How do I cite an advertisement?For APA Style (Reference List)Print Ad: Name of Company. (Year, Month). Internet Ad: Name of Company. ( Year). Commercials: (fall under section 7.07 Audiovisual Media of APA Manual (p. 209-210): For MLA Style (Works Cited) See this from the MLA Style Center:

How do you cite a lesson in APA?

The citation on the Reference page for the lecture notes would look like the following in APA: Author. (year). In italics write the name or title of the lecture.

How do you cite a website with no date in APA 7th edition?

No Author: If a work does not specify an author or group author, use the title in place of the author. No Date. If no date is provided on the source, use n.d. in the date spot for both in-text citations and reference list entries. For example, an in-text citation would look like this: (Hendrix, n.d.).