Can you get anti glare coating after Specsavers?

Can you get anti glare coating after Specsavers?

Can you get anti glare coating after Specsavers?

It is possible to add an anti-reflective coating to your lenses after you have purchased them.

What make are Specsavers Varifocals?

Types of varifocal lenses ‘. The answer to both really depends on your budget and what you are looking for. At Specsavers we offer six types of varifocal lenses: Standard, Premium, Elite, Tailor-made, SuperDrive and SuperDigital.

Are there any glasses to help with night driving?

Night driving glasses have nonprescription, yellow-tinted lenses that range in shade from light yellow to amber. Some night driving glasses also have an antireflective coating. Night driving glasses reduce glare by scattering and filtering out blue light.

What glasses are best for night driving?

Best Night Vision Glasses for Driving

  • ATTCL Retro Polarized Night Driving Glasses.
  • Fiore HD Night Driving Glasses.
  • Optix55 Night Vision Glasses.
  • Clear Night Original Night Driving Glasses.
  • BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses.
  • FEIDU Night Vision Driving Glasses.
  • RIVBOS Polarized Sports Night Driving Glasses.

Can I bring my own glasses frames to Specsavers?

Then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can turn almost all of our glasses frames into prescription sunglasses – all we do is add a sun tint with UV or polarising lenses. So you can get your own pair of customised prescription sunglasses.

Can you put new lenses in old frames UK?

With our glasses re-glaze service, we can supply lenses made to your new prescription and fit them to your existing frames from only £34.95. Your prescription changes and you want new lenses for your existing glasses. You damage your current lenses and wish to replace them.

What is the best way to get used to varifocals?

Discard your old glasses and only wear the new pair. Give ample time for your eyes to get accustomed to the varifocal lenses. Instead of moving your eyes to focus on the object, make more movement of your head to view objects clearly. This applies while climbing stairs, walking on the road, reading etc.

Can I bring my own frame to Specsavers?