Can you share Kobo books with family?

Can you share Kobo books with family?

Can you share Kobo books with family?

At this time, there is no way to lend or share your Kobo books with another person. The books in your Kobo Library are linked to your Kobo account and password.

Can you read BorrowBox on Kobo?

BorrowBox offers fiction and non-fiction e-books which can be downloaded via your computer and played on your device. You will first need to install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer to transfer library e-books to your Kobo.

Can you make folders in Kobo?

Kobo doesn’t navigate by folders, though you could install KOreader which does. Personally I found the built in reader to work very well. Remember that in many ways, the Kobo collections are more powerful than folder based, in that a book can belong to as many collections as you want.

Can I transfer my books from one Kobo to another?

You can download and export most items that you’ve purchased from the Kobo Store if you’d like to read them on a device or app from an other manufacturer than Kobo.

How do I transfer eBooks to my Kobo?

Step 2 of 2: Import the files to the Kobo Books App

  1. Tap the. Kobo eBooks app icon.
  2. Tap the. Actions icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Import Items.
  4. Tap Start.
  5. Select the items you want to import.
  6. Tap Import Selected.
  7. If you want to remove the original files, tap Yes.
  8. Wait for the items to import to your Library.

How do I manage collections on Kobo?

Add or remove books from your collection

  1. Go to your Home screen.
  2. Tap the.
  3. Tap Collections near the top of the screen.
  4. On the ‘Collections’ page, tap and hold the collection name you want to make changes to until you see a menu appear.
  5. Tap Manage.
  6. To remove a book from your collection, select the.

How do I hide books on my Kobo?

Kobo Did You Know? Hiding Pre-Loaded eBooks

  1. On your Kobo eReader press the MENU button.
  2. Select BOOKS function on the Menu.
  3. Select DISPLAY on the Menu.
  4. Select MY BOOKS and make sure that a checkmark appears beside it.
  5. If you wish for your pre-loaded books to re-appear simply select ALL BOOKS option in the DISPLAY.