Can you use any oil in white company diffuser?

Can you use any oil in white company diffuser?

Can you use any oil in white company diffuser?

The diffuser doesn’t come with an oil, however there are many to choose from on The White Company website (although you can use any essential oil in the diffuser).

What scent do they use in white company?

Spicy pink pepper, petitgrain and cedarwood combine with bright geranium and lavender for a scent evocative of a Nordic spa.

What does white company noir smell like?

The Fragrance Our blend of opulent amber entwines with flirtatiously bright mandarin and whispers of aromatic sandalwood. Full of elegance, full of intrigue, full of wonder. Decidedly atmospheric when placed in the bedroom, living room and hallway. Choose from our Noir scented products below.

How long do white company Reed diffusers last?

The brand promises around three months of use, which if we say is 90 days, is maybe justifiable.

Can I use any oil in my NEOM diffuser?

It’s brilliant for so many reasons. Firstly, you can use any of the 10 NEOM 100% natural Essential Oil Blends within it. There’s the originals including Perfect Night’s Sleep (our blend of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine plus 16 other oils blended to help you get those zzz’s).

Are White Company diffusers good?

The White Company The White Company’s diffuser is a bestseller, and for good reason – not only is its ceramic appearance super sleek, its performance stands up too. It offers four settings so you can choose how long scent is diffused for and works beautifully with its signature fragrances.

Are the White Company oils natural?

NATURE FIRST. High-quality natural extracts and essential oils are the key to our fragrances. Our signature scents are blended with exotic naturals and botanicals for products that are gentle, luxurious and effective.

Which fragrance is best for home?

The best home fragrance buys

  1. Jo Malone Silk Blossom Reed Diffuser.
  2. Skandinavisk Lempi Candle.
  3. ESPA Restorative Candle.
  4. Scentered Sleep Well Candle Refills.
  5. Nomad Noé Hero in Niani Candle.
  6. Noble Isle Whisky & Water Candle.
  7. Slab Lab Scented Candle Fog.
  8. Ortigia Zagara Reed Diffuser.

What is the scent of noir?

Noir is a bold and exotic aroma of black cardamom and white musk. Top notes: bergamot, clary sage, rosemary, coriander.

Why are reed diffusers so expensive?

Why are some reed diffusers so much more expensive than others? It’s the same principle as perfumes. Some fragrances are made from the oils of a rare and delicate flower petal, for instance, while others are made from synthetic ingredients that are easy and cheap to source.

Is NEOM overpriced?

Yes, but not many. Firstly, there is no doubt it is expensive and there are other oil diffusers out there for less than £30. Secondly, the NEOM essential oils are quite expensive too, at £20 each. But you can use any essential oils you want, you don’t have to use NEOM branded oils.