Did Larry Bird play Magic Johnson in college?

Did Larry Bird play Magic Johnson in college?

Did Larry Bird play Magic Johnson in college?

Bird and Johnson both turned professional after the 1978–79 college season, and wound up playing for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively. The Celtics and Lakers met three times in the NBA Finals during the 1980s, and the pair helped to increase national interest in the NBA.

Where did Magic Johnson go to college?

Michigan State University1977–1979
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What college did Larry Bird play for?

Indiana State University1975–1979
Indiana University Bloomington1974–1974
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Did Larry Bird win a college championship?

Despite failing to win the championship, Bird earned numerous year-end awards and honors for his outstanding play, including the Naismith College Player of the Year Award.

How Old Is Magic Earvin Johnson?

62 years (August 14, 1959)
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Magic Johnson, byname of Earvin Johnson, Jr., (born August 14, 1959, Lansing, Michigan, U.S.), American basketball player who led the National Basketball Association (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers to five championships.

Who was better Magic Johnson or Larry Bird?

Bird had become one of the best college players ever, famously covering Sports Illustrated in the process. Magic was a towering point guard who was redefining the point guard position. The game started out close. The lead traded back and forth for the first four minutes until Michigan State pulled away. The Spartans never looked back.

Who was playing Larry Bird in Indiana State basketball game?

Not in terms of last-second drama, anyway. Michigan State took the lead and relentlessly suffocated Indiana State with zone defense that had been worked on the day before, when the role of Larry Bird in practice had been played by Magic Johnson.

How did Magic Bird affect Indiana State Basketball?

Indiana State had not even been picked to win its own conference, but Bird’s brand of magic had the Sycamores perfect at 33-0. Each man understood what was coming. Two days before in the semifinals, had Bird managed one more assist, they both would have had triple doubles.

What was Michigan State’s record at the time of magic vs Bird?

Their teams had taken different journeys to that Monday night: Michigan State was 25-6 and had endured the January blahs, losing four of six games, including an 18-point thumping at Northwestern, who would finish the season 6-21.