Do Geo bachelors get family separation?

Do Geo bachelors get family separation?

Do Geo bachelors get family separation?

Family Separation Allowance–sometimes referred to as geo-bach payment–is for situations where the military forces the service member to be away from the family. If approved, BAH will be paid based on where the family stays and the soldier will be granted bachelor quarters on base.

How do I request a geo Bachelor?

Geo-bachelor Army: Request geo-baching paperwork from Army Human Resources Command by submitting an email request with DA Form 4187.

Can you live in the barracks and receive BAH?

Living in the barracks or dormitories is mandatory during basic training and job-school and your dependents are not allowed to travel to basic training or job school at government expense. If there is extra space available in the barracks or dormitories, you are allowed to live there, and still, receive your BAH.

Is BAH based on spouse location?

In general, the amount of BAH you receive depends on your location, pay grade, and whether you have dependents. Under most circumstances, you receive BAH for the location where you are assigned, not where you live.

Do you get BAH as a geo Bachelor?

Geographically separated families (geographic bachelors) are normally eligible for BAH based on the member’s duty station. Each Service budgets for support of a certain number of members and families at each location.

Is the geographic bachelor program in the military?

Military Puts an End to Geographic Bachelor Program. In the past, if a married soldier decided not to relocate their family during an assignment, they could continue to draw a basic housing allowance (BAH).

What should I do as a geographic Bachelor?

When considering geographic bachelor-ing, assume that the service member will receive BAH for their duty location and that the family will be supporting two households on their regular income. The service member can then choose to seek housing on-base, get an apartment or share house, or buy an RV to live in.

How much does it cost to Geo Bach at a military base?

Some military bases will grant bachelor quarters (old barracks or motel rooms) to a geo-baching service member, but these depend on space available at the base and are not guaranteed. Service members pay a fee to maintain these spaces, anywhere from $40 to $800 a month.

Can a geo Bachelor live in a barracks?

In the past, geographic bachelors could easily find single accommodations at their new duty installation, usually in the barracks. However, in the past few years, all five branches have ruled that there is no official mandate to house geo-bachelors within unaccompanied housing.