Do you put felt under a modified bitumen roof?

Do you put felt under a modified bitumen roof?

Do you put felt under a modified bitumen roof?

Due to the inherent danger of fire, especially around felting and petroleum products, the torch-down method of installation for modified bitumen roofing should only be performed by a qualified roofer. Install heavy roofing felt with overtop your decking, old roof or insulation.

How long does a torch on roof last?

around 20 years
A Torch On roof lasts around 20 years and is virtually maintenance free, during that time. Torch On roofing provides many of the same benefits of traditional tar and gravel roofs. However, Torch On doesn’t use a gravel ballast.

What is the life expectancy of a torch down roof?

15 to 20 years
Lifespan. The lifespan of a torch down roof is one of its main selling points, at 15 to 20 years. Torch down roofing is more long-lasting than some other types of flat roof systems. This is due to its flexibility in hot and cold temperatures, as well as its resistance to water damage.

How much does it cost to replace a torch down roof?

Cost of 3 Layer Torch Down Roof

3 Layer Torch Down Roof Costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Installation Cost $220.00 – $240.00 $265.00 – $280.00
Total $385.00 – $415.00 $455.00 – $490.00
3 Layer Torch Down Roof – Total Average Cost per square foot $4.00 $4.72

Can you coat torch down roofing?

It’s inevitable that Torch Down and Mod-Bit Roofs will begin to break down over time. Liquid Rubber Canada offers an easy DIY solution by bridging the joints with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape and coating the surface with Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant or Liquid Rubber Colour Waterproof Sealant.

What do you need to install torch down roof?

These are the steps your Bowie roofing contractor near you will take to install your torch down roof: Step 1: Attach insulation. Insulation is especially important in colder climates, but it’s an essential part of any flat or low-sloped roof system. Insulation may be attached with screws and plates, or it may be adhered to using glue.

How does a torch down roofing membrane work?

The process is a fiberglass asphalt base over the gravel, then a self-adhering modified bitumen base sheet to the fiberglass paper. After that, a Torch down rubber roof gets fused to the base. This image shows where we are installing a Two Ply Roofing Membrane over the Tar and Gravel roof in Westport.

How long does torch down rubber roof last?

This roof will easily last 40 years without any maintenance. This image show what a Torch Down Rubber Roof looks like after installing it over a Tar and Gravel Roof in Westport CT. A potential buyer should be careful to listen to a roofing salesman for advice on what rubber roof they should install.

Can a bitumen torch down roof hold water?

Nearly every time new flashing will have to be installed. This is an image of a flat roof that has a Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roof on it. The plants on it prove that these torch down membranes can hold water for a long time. This image is of a Torch Down Rubber Roof we installed 20 years ago.