Does Apple still support iPhone 4s?

Does Apple still support iPhone 4s?

Does Apple still support iPhone 4s?

On September 13, 2016, following the release of iOS 10, Apple dropped support for the iPhone 4S, making iOS 9 the last major iOS version available for the device.

Is iPhone 4s 5g?

There are 2 speeds – 2.4GHz and 5GHz. My laptop will connect to my home network at the 5GHz speed. iPhone 5 does have that capability but not the 4S. I had thought the phone was connecting to the network at 5Ghz when we first got them, but the tech specs on the phone say that it isn’t possible.

How do I turn on mobile data on iPhone 4s?

Press the Home key to return to the home screen.

  1. Find “Mobile Data” Press Settings. Press Mobile Data.
  2. Turn mobile data on or off. Press the indicator next to “Mobile Data” to turn the function on or off.
  3. Return to the home screen. Press the Home key to return to the home screen.

Why my phone Wi-Fi is not working?

If your Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi, you should first make sure that your phone isn’t on Airplane Mode, and that Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone. If your Android phone claims it’s connected to Wi-Fi but nothing will load, you can try forgetting the Wi-Fi network and then connecting to it again.

What to do if your iPhone 4S is not connecting to WiFi?

If the iPhone 4S Wifi connectivity trouble is still unable to be worked out, you can contact Apple Customer Service for the service options or visit the Apple Store for the direct solution. If you have iPhone 5S or iPhone 5, you can check How to Fix the iPhone 5S/5 Wifi Problems.

Why is the WiFi button on my iPhone 4S grayed out?

An awesome member of our community made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff. A common problem in the iPhone 4S, sometimes the Wi-Fi button will be grayed out and unclickable.

What to do if your iPhone 4S keeps crashing?

Hold down power button and home button until iPhone restarts. Count until 5 seconds and release power button but keep pressing the home button. If it succeeds, your iPhone screen will remain dark but iTunes will detect your iPhone 4s in recovery mode.

What should I do if my WiFi is not working?

If internet connection is still not working, change DNS on that wifi host name. Go to Settings >> Wifi , tap i sign next to the wifi host name then scroll until you find DNS, tap it.