Does archiving keep folder structure?

Does archiving keep folder structure?

Does archiving keep folder structure?

the existing folder structure is maintained in an archive file. This means that if there is a parent folder above the folder you archived, the parent folder is created in the archive file, but items within the parent folder are not archived.

Does online archive keep folder structure?

Online Archive is a feature for Microsoft Office 365 customers. This is a true archiving feature since it will free up space in the user’s primary and move archived mails into the user’s archive mailbox by keeping the same folder structure. Online Archive acts as a second account in Outlook.

How do I archive folders in Outlook 365?

To manually archive Outlook items, do the following:

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Cleanup Tools.
  3. Click Archive.
  4. Click the Archive this folder and all subfolders option, and then click the folder that you want to archive.
  5. Under Archive items older than, enter a date.

Can you Auto archive subfolders in Outlook?

You can set the auto-archive parameters of the sub-folders as follows: Right-click on the sub-folder, and choose “Properties” Select the AutoArchive tab. There you can set the auto-archive properties of the sub-folder.

What is the Archive folder in Office 365?

For Microsoft 365,, and Exchange accounts, the Archive folder is one of Outlook’s default folders, like Inbox, Sent Items, and the Deleted Items folder. This folder can’t be deleted.

How do I auto archive all folders in Outlook?

Click File > Options > Advanced. Under AutoArchive, click AutoArchive Settings. Click the Run AutoArchive every n days box and specify how often to run AutoArchive. Choose any other options you want, such as having Outlook delete old items instead of archiving them.

How do I auto archive a folder in Outlook?

How to Turn On the AutoArchive Feature

  1. Select the File tab, and then select the Options tab on the File menu.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Select AutoArchive Settings.
  4. Select the AutoArchive Every check box.
  5. If you want to be notified before the items are archived, select to select the Prompt Before AutoArchive check box.