Does BART still use paper tickets?

Does BART still use paper tickets?

Does BART still use paper tickets?

In December 2020, BART completed the transition of machines at all stations to offer Clipper as the only fare product available for purchase. While paper tickets will no longer be available for purchase at stations, riders are still able to use the paper tickets they already have to enter and exit through fare gates.

Does BART only use Clipper card?

BART has moved to a Clipper-only fare payment system because the region has prioritized the use of Clipper as the Bay Area’s all-in-one transit card administered by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. In addition to being contactless, Clipper has many advantages over paper tickets: Clipper saves money.

Can you purchase BART tickets online?

The only method to purchase BART fares online is Clipper is an all-in-one transit card that keeps track of any passes, discount tickets, ride books and cash value that you load onto it, while applying all applicable fares, discounts and transfer rules.

How long does money stay on Clipper card?

You have up to 6 months to spend down your balance, so you can load the funds. If you haven’t reduced your balance by that time, the order will expire, and Clipper will return the value to your transit benefit provider.

What kind of tickets do you use on Bart?

Two types of ticket are used on BART: Paper magnetic fare cards (tickets), used by BART since the system’s inception in the 1970s. Clipper, a regional smart card introduced in 2010. Passengers may either purchase a magnetic ticket or Clipper card from a ticket machine available at every station.

Are there daily unlimited use passes on Bart?

BART does not offer daily, weekly, monthly unlimited use passes. Fare discounts on BART are only provided when the farecards are sold. The same fares are deducted at the fare gates regardless of ticket type.

How much is a Muni fast pass for Bart?

Muni Fast Passes are accepted for unlimited rides between all stations within San Francisco. Riders on Capitol Corridor can buy $10 BART tickets for $8 on the Cafe Car. This is for BART magnetic tickets only. Clipper card fares are $0.50 less.

Do you need a Clipper card to ride Bart?

New passengers must purchase a Clipper card from a ticket machine with sufficient fare value to ride. At the fare gate, tag card when starting and ending each trip. The fares are deducted from the ticket or card after each ride. Every passenger will need his or her own card. Passengers with old paper tickets can still use those on BART.