Does Duncan still work for Games Workshop?

Does Duncan still work for Games Workshop?

Does Duncan still work for Games Workshop?

On Christmas Eve the Warhammer community were hit with the news that Duncan Rhodes, popular painter and presenter for the company, is leaving Games Workshop.

Is Forgeworld owned by Games Workshop?

Games Workshop Group (often abbreviated as GW) is a British manufacturer of miniature wargames, based in Nottingham, England. Its best-known products are Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. It also owns Forge World (which makes complementary specialist resin miniatures and conversion kits).

Is Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy worth it?

Well worth the minimal cost to get access to so much hobby content. Whether you want specific help on a miniature or something in the background while you paint, I can’t recommend Duncan and Rog enough. I returned to the hobby of miniature painting in the first lockdown after many years being away from it.

Did Duncan Rhodes leave GW?

In a surprising move, the Warhammer TV hobby guru is leaving the company. Making the hobby accessible has been my driving passion in all my time at GW, and I’m so happy that I have helped so many people get into painting their miniatures. …

Why does Warhammer TV disable comments?

Official answer they dont have an employee to monitor it. Unofficial answer the internet is toxic and they arent about that life.

Are Forge World units legal?

Legal in standard games are units of the Codex. Forge World models usually are not included. If you use units not included in the Codex, you should ask your opponent, if he is fine with them. Because of respect for your opponent and because many Forge World units are less balanced than legal Codex units.

Why is Forge World so expensive?

Subject: Why is Forge World so expensive? It’s because the kits are all cast in resin (higher production cost and quality than plastic), and because they are going to sell less than any main plastic kit, so need a higher price and margin to be worth producing at all.

What happened to Duncan Rhodes?

In a surprising move, the Warhammer TV hobby guru is leaving the company. He announced the decision on Twitter earlier today… Duncan has been a positive force in the hobby – making painting fun and making the ‘eavy metal style approachable for all levels of hobbyists. …

What brushes does Duncan Rhodes use?

I use a wide variety of brushes but have come to really like the Regiment brush from The Army Painter. It is an excellent brush of a good size that holds a fine point, so I use it for my basecoats as well as fine details. I’ve even used it to paint eyes!

Can you use E6000 as resin?

If you’re not mixing up a second batch of resin, you can use a strong adhesive such as E6000 (although it’s stinky), or ZapAGap, a great super-glue.

Can resin be glued together?

The best way to glue your resin 3D prints together is to use an epoxy glue combination. Mixing the epoxy solutions together and applying it to a resin print can create a very strong bond that will make prints durable. You can also use superglue, but it doesn’t have as strong of a bond.