Does Le Jules Verne have a Michelin star?

Does Le Jules Verne have a Michelin star?

Does Le Jules Verne have a Michelin star?

Le Jules Verne is a one Michelin Star restaurant under head Chef Frédéric Anton who has earned 3 stars at Le Pre Catelan, another restaurant he owns.

What floor is the Le Jules Verne on?

2nd floor
Gastronomic restaurant Le Jules Verne, located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, is now completely renovated, and re-opened its doors during the summer 2019, with Chef Frédéric Anton at the helm.

Who owns Le Jules Verne?

Louis Vaudable
Louis Vaudable, who used to be the owner of Le Jules Verne, now owns Maxim’s in the 8th arrondissement. The interior was designed by Aline Asmar d’Amman. On July 13, 2017, Le Jules Vernes received the French and American presidential couples (Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron; Melania and Donald Trump) for a dinner.

Is there a dress code for the Eiffel Tower Restaurant?

It’s Vegas – no real dress code anywhere. BUT, the Eiffel Tower is a very nice restaurant, and they treat you very well, so don’t go in with shorts & T shirt. It is a very nice restaurant so we did dress up a little for dinner. You can get away with smart casual.

How much is dinner at Le Jules Verne?

Le Jules Verne Unsurprisingly, there’s a price tag – around $250 per person – attached to the Experience, the name given to the five- or six- course dinner tasting menu. Alternatively, spend a bit less and see the City of Light by day during a three-course lunch, served weekdays only. Click to see full answer.

Who is the manager of Le Jules Verne?

Regards, Le Jules Verne Restaurant Manager Le Jules Verne is amazing! Le Jules Verne is amazing! If you do one fancy meal in Paris do it here! 5 star treatment from the get go and the food was mind blowing. It’s very expensive, but so worth it for the once in a lifetime experience.

Where is Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower?

Located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower, Le Jules Verne enjoys a mythical setting, an invitation to discovery and travel. Sportswear (such as t-shirts, shorts, trainers etc…) are not accepted.

Who are the Master Sommeliers at Jules Verne?

Jules Verne’s master sommeliers have compiled a selection of the gold standards in wine to pair with Frédéric Anton’s dishes.