Does Mexico have surf?

Does Mexico have surf?

Does Mexico have surf?

With more than 4,500 miles of epic Pacific coastline, it’s no wonder Mexico is a paradise for surfers. From the Baja Peninsula down to the border of Guatemala, Mexico has dozens of wonderful surf spots for everyone, from beginners to the most seasoned professionals.

Can you surf in December?

Water temperatures stay at a ‘cool’ 75-79 °F (24-26 °C) in December and January, meaning that you can surf in board shorts and bikinis. It may be summer in the Southern Hemisphere, but it’s also cyclone season. This means great swell, off-season prices, and fewer crowds.

Where is the best surf in December?

Where to surf in December

  • Taghazout, Morocco.
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
  • Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.
  • Algarve, Portugal.
  • Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Barbados.

Can you surf in La Paz Mexico?

Magical Towns, Surfing, and Snorkeling With Whale Sharks: The 4-Day Weekend in La Paz, Mexico. The city regulates the number of boats that can take whale-shark watchers and deep-sea divers each day, to not disturb the precious ecosystem there.

Is there surf in Cabo in December?

When & Where To Go Surfing In Cabo Visiting Cabo during the months of June to August are generally the best because the Southern hemisphere swells offer good and consistent waves at most beaches. The winter months of December-February offer great swells along the Pacific beaches of Todo Santos or Cerritos.

Can you learn to surf in the winter?

Some surfers don’t think you need to pay someone to learn how to surf, but when you’re learning in the winter it’s necessary for safety and borrowing the proper gear, especially if you’ve never gone out there before. There are many surf schools in Rockaway Beach, but most close up for winter.

When is the peak surfing season in Mexico?

Mexico receives consistent swell all year round, with powerful waves being generated by the Southern Ocean. The peak surfing season lasts between May and October, during hurricane season, when the waves are big and consistent.

Where are the best surfing beaches in Mexico?

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Home to some of the best all-rounder surf beaches in Mexico, Mazatlán is a magnet for south and southwest swells. The hollow and fast point breaks in the area offer some incredibly long rides of up to 1,600 ft (500 meters), with numerous barreling sections.

What kind of waves are there in Mexico?

Mexico is a fantastic country for surfing. There’s a huge variety of breaks and plenty of swell. Uncrowded breaks can be found along the entire length of the Pacific Ocean coastline. The waves can be surfed all year round, and the coastline is pounded with consistent surf.

Are there any secret surf spots in Baja?

Unfortunately, there are no secret surf spots in northern Baja anymore, as San Diego day-trippers have been exploring the area for decades. But, if you go further south, crowds will no longer be an issue. Surfing in Nayarit means uncrowded line-ups and hardcore breaks, as well as plenty of beginner-friendly and longboarding spots.