Does West Virginia have any state parks?

Does West Virginia have any state parks?

Does West Virginia have any state parks?

Explore West Virginia’s 35 scenic state parks, 9 state forests, three rail trails and countless adventures. Discover four-season recreation and cozy accommodations.

What is the largest state park in West Virginia?

Watoga State Park
Located in the mountains of Pocahontas County, Watoga State Park is West Virginia’s largest state park. With 10,100 acres of land, Watoga is filled with many recreational activities including hiking, swimming, fishing and boating.

Which state had the first state park?

The first state park was conceived in California in 1862. Captain Israel Ward Raymond and California’s U. S. Senator John Conness wanted to have natural land areas at Yosemite set aside purely for the purpose of preservation and public enjoyment.

What is the smallest state park in West Virginia?

Seneca State Forest is located at 10135 Browns Creek Rd., Dunmore, WV 24934. At a mere four acres, Tu-Endie-Wei is possibly the smallest state park and is part history and part nature.

Are state parks free in West Virginia?

West Virginia won’t charge for entry at 7 state parks, forests.

Can you drink in WV state parks?

Currently alcohol is prohibited in day use parks, historic parks, wildlife management areas and all state forests. This accounts for 26 of the 49 park areas in the state, including the rail trail.

What is the oldest state in the US?

AUGUSTA, Maine — The U.S. Census Bureau says Maine is still the nation’s oldest state, with New Hampshire and Vermont right behind.

Which state has the best state park system?

Top 10 States With the Most State Parks

  • California: 270.
  • New York: 215.
  • Washington: 212.
  • Oregon: 195.
  • Florida: 191.
  • Massachusetts: 154.
  • Illinois: 142.
  • Pennsylvania: 121.

Are West Virginia state parks free?

“West Virginia’s state parks will remain free and open to the public.

Are WV State Park pools open?

Nestled along a bend in the picturesque Bluestone River, the state park’s swimming pool is open Wednesday through Sunday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For hours, call the park office: 304-466-2805. Address: 78 HC, Hinton, WV 25951. The swimming pool at this state park is filled with cool spring water.