Does WOW still offer cable TV?

Does WOW still offer cable TV?

Does WOW still offer cable TV?

Our robust broadband network is the natural choice for high-speed data customers […] who want to access streaming services on their terms.” WOW! stops selling cable television altogether, to focus on its broadband business.

What is the customer service number for WOW cable?

Please call Customer Care at 1-866-496-9669.

Is WOW getting out of the cable business?

WideOpenWest (WOW) announced today it has inked two separate deals to sell off a handful of cable systems for a combined $1.8 billion. Two WOW markets – serving Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio – are going to Atlantic Broadband, the US subsidiary of Cogeco, for $1.12 billion.

Where is WOW cable located?

WOW! is a multi-service Internet service provider that aims to be customizable, reliable, and affordable. It primarily serves the Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, and Michigan. Services are also available in Maryland and parts of the Southeast.

How much is WOW cable a month?

WOW! TV costs between $74.99 and $119.99/mo. for new customers when bundled with internet, plus taxes and fees. Standalone TV service from WOW! is considerably more expensive.

How much does it cost to cancel WOW internet?

WOW! customers on a Minimum Term Plan who terminate service after the first 30 days must pay for all services provided through the date of termination plus an early termination fee of up to $165 for a 12-month services term or $345 for a 24-month services term.

Why is my WOW internet not working?

First check that your coaxial cable, power, Ethernet/USB, and modem connections are tight. Next, verify that the modem has power by verifying that power light is lit up. If there are no lights on the modem, verify that the modem is plugged into an active power outlet, try a 2nd power outlet, or bypass surge protector.

How much does WOW cable TV cost?

How much does it cost to cancel WOW?

Does WOW cable have Netflix?

Netflix is available in Ultra HD on select WOW!

Can you cancel WOW internet at any time?

You can still cancel your services at any time, subject to the early termination provisions of these Terms. 5. YOU MAY CANCEL YOUR MINIMUM TERM SERVICES ANY TIME BY (I) CALLING WOW! CUSTOMER CARE AT THE NUMBER LOCATED ON YOUR BILL, OR (II) DISCONNECTING ANY OF YOUR WOW!