How can I check my PF balance through SMS?

How can I check my PF balance through SMS?

How can I check my PF balance through SMS?

To check your EPF balance, you need to send “EPFOHO UAN LAN” to 7738299899 as an SMS from your registered mobile number. Do not include the quotation marks in the SMS. Once the SMS is successfully sent, you will immediately receive an SMS containing information about your EPF account including your EPF account balance.

How can I know my UAN SMS?

To get the PF account balance through SMS type EPFOHO UAN and SMS to 7738299899. For example your preferred language is English you have to send message like this. EPFOHO UAN ENG and SMS to 7738299899.

How can I check my PF balance through SMS without UAN number?

The members registered on the UAN portal may get their PF details by sending an SMS from their registered mobile numbers to SMS ‘EPFOHO UAN’ to 7738299899.

How can I register my mobile number in UAN?

How to Register Mobile Number in EPF Account

  1. Visit EPF Member Portal.
  2. Click on “Activate UAN”
  3. Enter your UAN, name, date of birth, mobile number and email id.
  4. Now click on “Get Authorization Pin”
  5. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

How can I check my balance without UAN number?

Here is how to EPF account balance ONLINE without UAN, Visit EPFO official website Now press “click here to know your PF balance” link. The EPFO link will take you to a new page….

  1. Check PF Balance online.
  2. Check PF Balance without UAN.
  3. Here is how to check PF Balance without UAN.

How can I get UAN number if mobile number is not registered?

You can recover forgot UAN number by giving a missed call to ✆ 011-22901406 (or) by using the “know your UAN option” on the UAN portal (or) by contacting your HR department (or) by checking your payslips. If you are not able to find your forgot UAN by missed call then you can find it online on the UAN member portal.

How can I get my EPF statement?

To access your EPF statement online, you’ll first need to register for EPF i-Akaun. This can be done physically at any EPF counter. Upon registration, you’ll receive an SMS with your user ID and password for your i-Akaun activation. You’ll need to activate your account with the given password within 30 days.