How cold does a koolatron get?

How cold does a koolatron get?

How cold does a koolatron get?

130 to 140°F
What temperatures can be expected from the Koolatron cooler in Heater mode? Temperatures in the range of 130 to 140°F (54.4 to 60°C). This is hot enough to bring hot food to a pot luck dinner or a picnic. Practice safe food handling wisdom and do not keep food in the cooler for longer than about 45 minutes.

How cold do 12 volt coolers get?

This unit can cool to 32-36 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature, and it can heat food to a maximum warming temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. To use it, all you do is plug the unit into your vehicle’s 12-volt power outlet and slide the temperature control switch to your desired temp.

How long does it take for koolatron to cool down?

The average Cooler is capable of about 38 to 40 degrees lower. It is best to load pre-cooled food or drinks into the cooler. As a rule of thumb, it takes about one hour per pound of material loaded into the cooler to bring it from room temperature down to maximum cold.

How does koolatron cooler work?

The Koolatron’s internal aluminium cold plate fins absorb heat from the contents, (food and beverages), and the thermoelectric modules transfer it to heat dissipating fins under the control panel. Here, a small fan helps to disperse the heat into the air. The only moving part is the small 12-volt fan.

Is koolatron a good brand?

In our analysis of 120 expert reviews, the Koolatron Chest Freezer placed 9th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category.

Can you leave an electric cooler plugged in?

You can safely run the cooler for a few hours without significant battery drain but don’t leave it plugged in over night.

Is a plug in cooler worth it?

Is this better than a cooler? Different, yes. But, in short, an electric cooler like those built by Dometic will keep food cold indefinitely as long as you keep a battery charged up. In the case of vehicles, that means if you’re driving most days, you can likely keep the battery charged for weeks on end.

How long can a car battery power a cooler?

On average, fridge coolers will draw 4.5A at 12V. As they are thermostatically regulated, you can expect the compressor to be running about 25% of the time. Therefore, you can safely run a fridge cooler from your car battery for about 18hours before you are likely to be unable to start your car.

Where are koolatron fridges made?

Koolatron is a global leader in thermoelectric and refrigeration products and is widely known for its flagship line of made-in-Canada 12 volt cooler/warmers and accessories.

Is koolatron Made in USA?

Built on our flagship line of Canadian-made 12-volt cooler/warmers and accessories, Koolatron’s product base now includes more than 200 unique products that are sold in the continental United States and Canada.

Is an electric cooler worth it?

Electric coolers are expensive, in the range of $700 to $1,500 for most. If you just need to keep beer cold for a day or two or take short weekend trips to the campground, a cooler is probably sufficient. But for those whose trips stretch into weeks and months, this fridge could change the way you manage your food.