How did Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh explore the Challenger Deep?

How did Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh explore the Challenger Deep?

How did Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh explore the Challenger Deep?

Fifty-two years earlier, in 1960, U.S. Navy Lt. Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard reached the Challenger Deep in a submersible called the Trieste. Attached to the bottom of the Trieste was a small, pressure-resistant sphere with enough room for just two people.

What did Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh discover?

In the Challenger Deep, he and Lt. Don Walsh of the United States Navy were the first people to explore the deepest known part of the world’s ocean, and the deepest known location on the surface of Earth’s crust, the Mariana Trench, located in the western North Pacific Ocean.

What did Jacques Piccard discover in the Mariana Trench?

At this incredible depth, they observed fish and shrimp. This discovery shocked the scientific community because scientists were convinced that no life could survive the intense pressure this deep in the ocean. After a 20-minute stay, the Trieste dumped its ballast.

What did Don Walsh discover?

In 1960, Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard became the first humans to dive to the bottom of the world, in the bathyscaphe Trieste. That unique piece of real estate is known as Challenger Deep, almost seven miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean 200 miles off of the coast of Guam, in the Mariana Trench.

What is the deepest depth humans have gone?

2019: Victor Vescovo reached a deeper part of Challenger Deep at 35,853 feet, breaking the record for the deepest dive in DSV Limiting Factor. His dive was part of the Five Deeps Expedition to reach the bottom of every ocean on Earth.

What did Piccard and Walsh find in the Challenger Deep?

While on the bottom, Piccard and Walsh observed a number of small sole and flounder. Their claim that the fish were swimming would prove that at least some vertebrate life can withstand the extreme pressure at the oceans’ deepest point. They noted that the floor of the Challenger Deep consisted of “diatomaceous ooze”.

Where did Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh dive?

After their successful nine-hour dive in January 1960 to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard emerge from the bathyscaphe Trieste. Walsh and Piccard were the first to reach the trench’s lowest point, Challenger Deep, some 35,800 feet below the ocean surface.

Who was the first person to explore the Challenger Deep?

On January 23, 1960, Swiss oceanographer Jaques Piccard and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh had the unique experience of exploring a place no human in history had been before: the deepest part of the ocean, now known as Challenger Deep.

Why was John Walsh chosen for the Challenger?

Walsh was chosen to accompany Piccard to the bottom of the sea because Piccard, who was big on ideas but short on cash, had sold his record-setting submarine design to the United States Navy in 1958 for $250,000 (which in today’s money is close to $2.3 million).