How did Phileas Fogg traveled?

How did Phileas Fogg traveled?

How did Phileas Fogg traveled?

How Phileas Fogg Traveled Crossword Clue

Rank Word Clue
95% EAST How Phileas Fogg traveled
93% AFAR How Phileas Fogg traveled
3% BLY Phileas Fogg emulator
3% VERNE Phileas Fogg creator

Was Phileas Fogg real?

Phileas Fogg, fictional character, a wealthy, eccentric Englishman who wagers that he can travel around the world in 80 days in Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in Eighty Days (1873).

Why is Phileas Fogg famous?

The character of Phileas Fogg became famous among the readers of the novel because of his courageous nature, and curious and adventurous spirit because, he wanted to sail round the world and always ready to face all the challenges of the unknown land and exotic people, and animals, plants, etc.

What qualities of Mr Phileas Fogg are highlighted?

Phileas Fogg always maintained his calm and cool temperament. He did not get angry even when the train stopped suddenly. Mr. Fogg was a man of far sightedness.

Did Phileas Fogg visit Baghdad?

Phileas Fogg visited France, Italy, Egypt, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan and America. He visited Baghdad Totally awesome visit.

Why did Mr Fogg mean by it was foreseen?

Mr. Fogg knew that some obstacle would arise on his route. So he said that the difficulty was foreseen.

Who occupied a seat opposite to Mr Fogg?

Fogg? Answer: Sir Francis Cromarty occupied a seat opposite to him. Question 4.

Why was Calcutta detained?

In Calcutta, however, Fogg and Passepartout are arrested and sentenced to prison because of Passepartout’s incursion into the Malabar Hill temple in Bombay. An unperturbed Fogg pays bail for them, and, accompanied by the widow, Aouda, they board a steamer bound for Hong Kong. As a result, Fogg misses the steamer.

What happened to Phileas Fogg tortillas?

United Biscuits relaunched the brand in 2009 after research showed a large number of British consumers were still aware of it. As of 2016 the brand is still sold but is now owned by KP Snacks and consists of a much-revised product range.

Why did Phileas Fogg dismiss his previous servant?

The habits of its occupant demanded but little from the sole domestic, but Phileas Fogg required him to be superhumanly prompt and regular. He had dismissed James Forster, because that luckless youth had brought him shaving-water at a slightly different temperature than required.