How do I adjust the level on my LG washer?

How do I adjust the level on my LG washer?

How do I adjust the level on my LG washer?

Attempt to rock the washer from corner to corner to make sure that all four leveling feet are in firm contact with the floor. To adjust the legs, turn clockwise to raise the washer or counterclockwise to lower it.

What are the codes for a LG washer?

LG front-load washer error codes

  • IE. Inlet water supply error. Check/ Repair.
  • UE. Unbalanced load. Check/ Repair.
  • OE. Drains slowly. Check/ Repair.
  • FE. Water overflow error. Check/ Repair.
  • PE. Water level sensor failure. Check/ Repair.
  • dE. Door is open error. Check/
  • tE. Heating sensor error. Check/
  • LE. Locked drive motor error. Check/

How do I fix error code 1E?

It is possible that it is pinched, clogged, bent or twisted. Unplug the washing machine: unplug the cord and plug it into the power outlet after 5-10 minutes to reset error code 1E. Check the pressure in the water system. Perhaps the pressure is low, so the water flows into the tank very slowly.

How do you balance a load of laundry?

Evenly distribute the dirty clothes around the edges of the wash plate. This will help balance the load, allow the clothes to move around evenly and give you the best cleaning results. And, never overload the washer with too many garments. If you are cramming down the fabrics, you’ve added too many.

Why does my LG washing machine say IE?

An IE error code indicates that the washer was unable to fill with water. During cold and freezing weather conditions, an IE error code could mean the water in the water supply lines are frozen.

Why is my LG washing machine showing IE?

An IE error code in LG washing machines signals that the machine’s washer was not filled with water in the allotted time. This could also be possible due to a faulty water inlet valve or a problem with a drain hose among others.