How do I find a good functional medicine doctor?

How do I find a good functional medicine doctor?

How do I find a good functional medicine doctor?

Look for a doctor who has completed a residency in the area you will be seeking care and is board certified in that specialty. Functional medicine doctors should have done additional coursework and training in functional medicine and be actively practicing the functional approach with their patients.

What can a functional medicine doctor do?

A Functional Medicine doctor restores normal physiology and normal body “Function” rather than focusing on the treatment of specific diseases. We find, in general, that if we can restore normal body function that most disease processes clear up.

Who are the top functional medicine doctors?

Top 50 Functional and Integrative Medical Doctors

  • Leigh Erin Connealy, MD.
  • Will Cole, DC.
  • Dan Pompa, PScD.
  • Peter Osborne, DACBN, PScD.
  • David Katz, MD, MPH.
  • Steven Gundry, MD, FACS, FACC.
  • KellyAnn Petrucci ND.
  • David Ludwig, MD, PhD.

Do functional medicine doctors go to medical school?

Candidates must successfully complete these program requirements within seven years of the approved application to receive the certified practitioner designation. Like all medical physicians, there is ongoing education for functional medicine physicians.

Are functional medicine doctors expensive?

Pricing can be complicated; however, what you need to know is that on average, patients are spending $500 – $1000 on testing after an initial visit with a functional medicine provider.

Is a naturopath the same as a functional medicine doctor?

No, functional medicine is not the same as naturopathic medicine.

Do functional medicine doctors take insurance?

While many doctors have opted out of health insurance contracting, there are functional medicine doctors who take insurance. You may be able to find them on reputable functional medicine websites like The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Do functional medicine doctors go to med school?