How do I find an independent insurance agent?

How do I find an independent insurance agent?

How do I find an independent insurance agent?

7 Tips to Selecting the Right Independent Insurance Agent

  1. Know the Difference between Independent Agents and other Insurance Agents.
  2. Ask for Referrals.
  3. Decide If Location Is Important to You.
  4. Visit Their Websites.
  5. Look for Credentials.
  6. Interview the Independent Agents.
  7. Knowledge and Trust Are Key.

Who does an independent insurance agent represent?

Independent insurance agents typically represent a number of insurance companies, or “carriers”, and sell the products that most appropriately meet the needs of their clients. Independent agents typically are very well trained and knowledgeable of the complexities of the insurance market and insurance law.

Is it better to be an independent insurance agent?

They give you a choice – Independent agents represent many different insurance companies that offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points. With their connections and their knowledge of the market, agents can often find a better value for your insurance dollar than you might find searching on your own.

How do I find a Medicare agent?

You can find a Medicare insurance agent or broker near you by using the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services healthcare. gov’s Find Local Help search tool. You can also find licensed agents and brokers through your state insurance department.

What is the advantage of working with an independent agent?

Because they can shop around on your behalf, they can usually help you find the most and best coverage for your situation. Meanwhile, a choice in companies means independent agents have access to discounts and can take advantage of more competitive rates, resulting in savings that are passed onto the insured.

What does it mean to be an independent insurance agency?

An independent insurance agent is one who is not an employee of the company. You might be a “captive” agent (working for one company) yet still be an independent agent because you pay your own taxes and benefits. This is different than being an independent broker or running an agency with which you may have contracts with several insurance companies.

Why use an independent insurance agency?

Buying insurance through an independent agency offers a number of benefits. One advantage of utilizing an independent agent is that he or she is a licensed professional . A licensed agent has many legal obligations, such as behaving ethically and acting in your best interest .

How does an independent insurance agency work?

Often, independent insurance agents will work with insurance intermediaries, who obtain quotes from multiple insurance providers and pass them off to the independent agent. Working with an insurance intermediary service allows the independent agent to review many quotes and offer their clients the best policy options available.

What is an Exclusive Insurance Agency?

Exclusive Agency System. An insurance distribution system that allows agents to sell and service insurance contracts that limit representation to one insurer and reserve to the insurer the ownership, use and control of policy records and expiration date. See also Captive Agent and Direct Writer, and contrast with Independent Agency System.