How do I fix out of sync audio in MKV?

How do I fix out of sync audio in MKV?

How do I fix out of sync audio in MKV?

Many of you may seek help from VLC player simply by pressing the “j” key on your keyboard to make VLC play the audio track a bit ahead of the video, or tapping the “k” key to get the audio a bit delay the video. A single click increases or decreases the value by 50 milliseconds only.

How do I merge audio and video in MKVToolNix?

How to add audio to an MKV file

  1. Download MKVToolNix. You’ll find instructions for downloading MKVToolNix at the project’s site.
  2. Gather your files. You’ll need at least two files to start with:
  3. Smoosh the files together. Open MKVToolNix GUI, and you should see something like this:
  4. Pick which contents to keep or discard.

How do you fix lip-sync problems?

Lip-sync error: Causes, solutions

  1. Where’s the problem? Tracking down where the sync issue is coming from is a good first step.
  2. The TV. If your problem is in the TV, there are a few options to try:
  3. Game mode/input lag.
  4. Receivers and sound bars: A possible fix.
  5. If the receiver is the problem.
  6. Setting sync delay.
  7. Bottom line.

How to fix out of sync audio / video in an mkv, MP4 or AVI?

Note: this will work for all video formats, not just mkv/mp4/avi – they’re just common formats (and the 3 that I’ve found most often have sync issues). Open the video with the out of sync audio in VLC and then select Tools -> Track Synchronization (Mac users: select Window -> Track Synchronization)

How do I start muxing a mkv file?

Select a location and a file name for the output MKV file. Once done, simply click on the ‘Start muxing’ button. If everything goes without any errors, try playing the newly saved MKV file and now you should be able to enjoy it without any ‘lip-sync’ issues!. Good luck.

Why is MKVToolNix not working with Avidemux?

‘Avidemux’ can do very little if the input file itself has some issues (corrupted video frames etc) but ‘Avidemux’ is also a bit buggy, so some of the blame goes toward it also. In any case, there are few other tools that you can try while trying to fix a sync ‘malfunction’, and ‘MKVToolNix’ is one among them.

What to do when your audio is out of sync?

The quick solution is to use the amazing (and free) media player – VLC, and its easy to use built in audio delay/forward feature. If you aren’t using VLC yet, head over to their download page and give it an install.