How do I list all branches?

How do I list all branches?

How do I list all branches?

The command to list all branches in local and remote repositories is:

  1. $ git branch -a. If you require only listing the remote branches from Git Bash then use this command:
  2. $ git branch -r. You may also use the show-branch command for seeing the branches and their commits as follows:
  3. $ git show-branch.

Which command is used to list all available branches?

You can list the remote branches associated with a repository using the git branch -r, the git branch -a command or the git remote show command. To see local branches, use the git branch command. The git branch command lets you see a list of all the branches stored in your local version of a repository.

How do I see all branches in GitHub?

Viewing branches in your repository

  1. On GitHub, navigate to the main page of the repository.
  2. Above the list of files, click NUMBER branches.
  3. Use the navigation at the top of the page to view specific lists of branches:
  4. Optionally, use the search field on the top right.

How do I list a remote branch?

Just run a git fetch command. It will pull all the remote branches to your local repository, and then do a git branch -a to list all the branches. The best command to run is git remote show [remote] . This will show all branches, remote and local, tracked and untracked.

How do I delete local branches?

Deleting local branches To delete the local branch, just run the git branch command again, this time with the -d (delete) flag, followed by the name of the branch you want to delete ( test branch in this case).

How do I delete a local master branch?

To delete a local branch in Git using the terminal, you’re going to run the git branch command and pass in the -d flag. Next, you will pass in the name of the branch you wish to delete.

How do I push last commit?

If you want to push a commit without pushing previous commits, you should first use git rebase -i to re-order the commits. The other answers are lacking on the reordering descriptions. After reordering the commit you can safely push it to the remote repository. to push a single commit to my remote master branch.