How do I organize my makeup case?

How do I organize my makeup case?

How do I organize my makeup case?

To stay organized, keep similar items together in each bag.

  1. This is not absolutely necessary.
  2. For example, keep all of your eyeshadow in 1 bag, and all of your lipstick in another.
  3. Keep brushes that you use for dark colors separate from brushes that you use for light.

What do you put in a mini makeup bag?

11 Essentials to Keep in Your Travel Makeup Bag

  1. Sunscreen. While this technically isn’t a makeup product, it’s crucial to bring a good sunscreen with you when traveling.
  2. Tinted Moisturizer. A tinted moisturizer is a great product to take while traveling.
  3. Concealer.
  4. Powder.
  5. Bronzer.
  6. Blush.
  7. Brows.
  8. A Simple Eyeshadow Palette.

How do you categorize makeup?

How To Organize Your Makeup

  1. Step 1: Take Stock Of Your Collection. First go through all your makeup, lipstick and brushes.
  2. Step 2: Sort & Separate.
  3. Step 3: Select Your Organizers.
  4. Step 4: Light It Up.
  5. Step 1: Take Stock Of Your Collection.
  6. Step 2: Sort & Separate.
  7. Step 3: Select Your Organizers.
  8. Step 4: Light It Up.

How do I keep my makeup bag clean?

In most cases, the safest way is to hand-wash your bag with a gentle dishwashing detergent. If your bag is a bit more durable, toss it into a mesh bag (to protect zippers or VELCRO®) and put it in your washing machine, on the gentle wash cycle.

How do you keep makeup in a small space?

Gold trays or containers are also a great way to complement the makeup so you can use your makeup as part of your bathroom or bedroom decor!

  1. #1 Acrylic Makeup Organizer.
  2. #2 Mirrored Glass Tray.
  3. #3 Clear Drawer Organizers.
  4. #4 Makeup Case with Dividers.
  5. #5 Brush Organizer.
  6. #6 Palette Organizer.
  7. #7 Rotating Makeup Organizer.

How can I organize my bathroom makeup?

Try these 11 bathroom makeup storage ideas:

  1. Take stock of your current makeup collection.
  2. Organize by your amount of use.
  3. Always go vertical.
  4. Use a decorative glass to keep your makeup brushes together.
  5. Drawer organizers are a life saver.
  6. Utilize the “open shelving idea”
  7. Utilize the backs of doors.
  8. Add corner shelves.

What should be in my makeup bag?

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  • Makeup Brushes.
  • Liquid Foundation.
  • Concealer.
  • Matte Primer.
  • Waterproof Mascara.
  • Eyeshadow.
  • Matte Lipstick.
  • Makeup Brush Cleaner.