How do I prepare for NAAC peer team visit?

How do I prepare for NAAC peer team visit?

How do I prepare for NAAC peer team visit?

Plan the pre-visit meeting to discuss about the institution and its quality parameters thoroughly. Pre-visit is a must for the Assessor to attend. and also send a copy of the travel plans to the NAAC Officer and Member Coordinator. Assessment by NAAC, to the NAAC Officer, with in a week after you received the document.

What is pre qualifier condition for peer team visit by NAAC?

b) HEI that clears the DVV process will proceed for Peer Team Visit with a condition of a Pre-qualifier, that the HEI should score at least 30% in Quantitative Metrics (QnM) as per the final score after the DVV Process.

What is NAAC peer team?

The Peer Team members are expected to (and are trained to) carry out an objective assessment of the quality of education offered in the HEIs. Assessing the quality of education offered by an institution of higher learning is the responsibility of the assessors.

What are the 7 criteria of NAAC?

NAAC assessment relies on the following set of 7 criteria.

  • #1: Curricular Aspects.
  • #2: Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation.
  • #3: Research, Innovation, and Extensions.
  • #4: Infrastructure and Learning Resources.
  • #5: Student Support and Progression.
  • #6: Governance, Leadership, and Management.

How do I prepare for NAAC?

Let’s deep dive into each of the above steps to ensure that your institution is NAAC-ready.

  1. HEIs registration in the NAAC website.
  2. Completion of IIQA submission.
  3. SSR submission on acceptance of IIQA.
  4. Proceed to Data Validation & Verification (DVV) process.
  5. Preparation towards the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)

What is the procedure for NAAC accreditation?

Login to the portal, fill the IIQA (Institutional Information for Quality Assessment) form. Pay the IIQA Fee Online. Submit the necessary documents in the right format. The Accreditation body validates the documents and passes the decision usually within 15 days from the date of the registration.

Is NAAC accreditation compulsory?

Did you know? NAAC accreditation is made obligatory for all higher learning institutes by 2022. The stress is more when the state universities strive for UGC grants, financial aid, RUSA grants, as NAAC is linked to the funding for the government-run institutions. NAAC is not a simple deal.

Is NAAC compulsory?

Is Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC mandatory? notification dated 19th January 2013, has made it mandatory for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to undergo accreditation.

How is NAAC grade calculated?

scores obtained on the Student Satisfaction Survey. These will be collated through an automated procedure based on ‘benchmarks’ and assessed on a five point scale. On the basis of the CGPA obtained by the institution in maximum possible score of 4.00, the final grade is assigned on a seven point scale.

What is the minimum grade for NAAC accreditation?

“A grade qualifier is kept for the institution on qualify for valid accreditation. In order to qualify for any Grade (C to A++) Institution needs to score at least 1.51 CGPA aggregated score (quantitative and qualitative) in each criterion”.

What is the first criteria of NAAC?

The teaching-learning processes, students results, desired outcomes etc comes under this criterion. As the first criteria deals with a “WHAT” in learning, this one assess the “HOW” the learning happens. Various evaluation and assessment practices are also a point of interest for this one.

How do I prepare a NAAC self study report?

How can colleges be prepared for NAAC Peer Team visit?

Well, getting accredited from reputed agencies like NAAC offers an excellent opportunity to the Higher Ed Institutions (HEIs) to make a mark in the education sector & gain the recognition of quality education providers. However, for being accredited successfully, HEIs have to hustle a lot in terms of managing the institutional data.

Who is the institutional facilitator during peer team visit?

The steering committee’s coordinator can also act as the institutional facilitator during the peer team visit. The institution must pay close attention to and strictly follow the guidelines and instructions of the formats provided by the NAAC during the preparation of SSR.

What should be included in a NAAC SSR report?

Preparing the NAAC SSR reports is one of the most crucial steps of the assessment and accreditation process. NAAC has issued specific guidelines & set of rules which institutions must keep in mind while preparing the reports. The following are the key details that reports must include –

Who are the members of the General Council of NAAC?

The NAAC functions through its General Council (GC) and Executive Committee (EC) comprising educational administrators, policy makers and senior academicians from a cross-section of Indian higher education system.