How do I setup a Synology NAS as a media server?

How do I setup a Synology NAS as a media server?

How do I setup a Synology NAS as a media server?


  1. Install Media Server. To install Media Server, please go to Package Center, find Media Server, and then click Install.
  2. Upload multimedia files to your Synology NAS.
  3. Configure browsing settings for your media player.
  4. Enhance DMA compatibility.
  5. Access the media files stored on your NAS with DLNA TV.

Is Synology good for Plex?

Synology DiskStation DS220j: Best entry-level Plex NAS It may not be the fastest NAS around, but it runs Plex fine and streams content to your devices without any issues. You miss out on transcoding, but for direct streaming, this is a great option.

Is Plex better than Synology media server?

However the back end/server view of each media server application is considerably different and where the Synology Video Station application is designed exclusively around video media options and configuration (as Synology have a wide range of applications for different Media types and general NAS server maintenance …

Can you run Plex on a NAS?

You can use Plex with a NAS device in two ways: as a simple movie storage drive, or as storage and transcoding hardware. Your PC does the transcoding work, your TV or smartphone plays the videos, the NAS just sits quietly passing data back and forth. It’s not taxing on your device, and it’s much easier to set up.

How do I stream my Synology NAS to my TV?

To access the media files stored on your Synology NAS with DLNA TV: Go to Main Menu > Application > Media Play (USB & DLNA) to enable DLNA service, press the Device button on your remote to select your Synology NAS.

What is the best NAS to use with Plex?

Plex recommends several NAS devices, including the following brands: ASUSTOR. Netgear. QNAP….Our NAS for Plex recommendations

  1. QNAP TVS-672XT: Best overall for Plex.
  2. Synology DiskStation DS920+: Best value NAS for Plex.
  3. TerraMaster F2-221: Best Affordable NAS for Plex.

What is the best device for Plex server?

From enterprise workstations to streaming devices and DIY PCs, these are the top Plex servers you can buy.

  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro.
  • Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server System.
  • CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit.
  • Intel NUC 7 Mini PC.
  • QNAP TS-453Be 4-Bay Professional NAS.
  • Synology DS218play.
  • TerraMaster F4-220 4-Bay NAS.

Is Synology station free?

Synology’s Video Station is free and allows for customization – it’s really better than Plex in many aspects. If you have a Synology NAS, why pay for a plan? Read below to find out why the free Synology Package is a better alternative to Plex.

Can Plex read from a NAS?

Plex Media Server is available for a number of NAS devices, including: Asustor (Intel, ARM) Drobo (ARM) Netgear ReadyNAS (Intel, ARM)

How do I stream my NAS to my TV?

The easiest way is to use an HDMI cable which connects to the NAS drive’s HDMI Out port to one the TV’s HDMI in ports. The great thing here is that your TV doesn’t have to be Smart TV, only it should have at least one HDMI port. However, NOT all NAS drives come with HDMI ports built-in.