How do Latvians celebrate summer solstice?

How do Latvians celebrate summer solstice?

How do Latvians celebrate summer solstice?

Jāņi ([jɑːɲi]) is an annual Latvian festival celebrating the summer solstice. On Jāņi, people travel from the city into the countryside to gather and eat, drink, sing and celebrate the solstice by observing the ancient folk traditions relating to renewal and fertility.

How do you celebrate Jani?

Do not miss the most Latvian festivals of all – Jani, when the people make garlands, drink beer, eat caraway cheese, sing, dance, and take in a sauna, awaiting the sunrise.

What is Ķekatas?

Grūdenis, a Meteņi specialty, is smoked pork boiled into a porridge of barley grits and potatoes. The rest of the evening was spent dancing, singing, talking, laughing and visiting. Sometimes loud hollering and pounding on the door and windows were heard—ķekatas had come to pay a visit!

What is meant by summer solstice?

The summer solstice is an annual astronomical phenomenon that brings the longest day of the year and the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere (and the shortest night). The solstice was an important cultural event in many ancient societies, and it remains one for some contemporary groups.

What is the average temperature in Latvia?

The average annual air temperature in Latvia is +5.9°C. The year’s warmest month is July, its average temperature is +17.0°C and average maximum temperature +21.5°C. The coldest months are January and February, when the average temperatures are -4.6 and -4.7°C, and average minimums -7.5 and -7.9°C.

What is a tradition in Latvia?

A significant part of the modern Latvian lifestyle includes such unique traditions as the summer solstice holiday Jāņi or “Liigo!”, the Latvian Song and Dance Festival, a treasure trove of folk songs (dainas), mythology, traditional dress, and folk dancing.

What is Estonia’s national dish?

This brings us to Estonia’s national dish, verivorst. Typically a winter meal, verivorst (which literally means ‘blood sausage’) comprises barley, onions, allspice, marjoram and blood.

What is the Latvian national flower?

The Latvian national flower is the pīpene or daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare). This common wildflower blossoms in June, just in time to be woven into festive wreaths for the Midsummer festivities (Jāņi).

What Latvia is famous for?

Let this list of what Latvia is famous for pique your interest in adding a trip to this tiny nation on your travel bucket list.

  • The Land of 12,000 Rivers ( and 3,000 Lakes)
  • Europe’s Widest Waterfall.
  • A Chilly Coastline.
  • Castles and Palaces.
  • Churches and Cathedrals.
  • National Parks.
  • Opera and Ballet.
  • A Prison Hostel.

When do they celebrate the summer solstice in Latvia?

Do not miss the most Latvian holiday of all – Jāņi or “Līgo!”, the night from June 23 to June 24 (in harmony with the summer solstice), when people participate in joyful festivities just as their ancestors did centuries ago.

How are LIGO and Jani celebrated in Latvia?

Līgo and Jāņi is ideally celebrated in nature, making garlands of oak leaves or wild flowers, going to the sauna, drinking beer and devouring copious amounts of caraway cheese – best if homemade. The entire proceedings are serenaded by a sing-along – the enchanting Jāņi folk songs with the “Līgo!”

Why do Latvians say list Ka janiem?

Jāņi was originally a festival for pagan farmers that existed long before the arrival of Christianity and the traditions of the festival remain immensely popular to this day. Latvians often say “līst kā pa Jāņiem” (it’s raining as if it were Jāņi) since the weather on Jāņi night is usually not the most pleasant.

What kind of flowers are picked on summer solstice?

Wild flowers picked on the summer solstice are believed to have healing powers. In honour of Jāņi, homes are decorated with birch, oak and rowan branches, ferns, oxeye daisies and bents.