How do you beat the Electrocutioner in Arkham origins?

How do you beat the Electrocutioner in Arkham origins?

How do you beat the Electrocutioner in Arkham origins?

If you hope that you will play a full battle with the Electrocutioner, forget about it, because you are wrong. The only thing that you need to do is approach the abovementioned enemy and press the standard attack key/button. Thanks to this Batman will knock him down with a strong blow automatically.

Why did Joker kill Electrocutioner?

Batman: Arkham Origins Because of Electrocutioner’s arrogance, Batman was able to knock him unconscious with one kick. Joker kicked Electrocutioner out of a window on a swivel chair, believed that he had nothing else to contribute, and sent him to his death.

Who is the Electrocutioner in Arkham origins?

Lester Buchinsky
Arkham Origins Incident Lester Buchinsky, a.k.a. The Electrocutioner, was one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman for fifty million dollars on Christmas Eve.

How do you get shock gloves in Arkham origins?

You will face another Predator Room with a jammer, take out the jammer to be able to use the Detective Vision, then take out the rest of the guards. Then go to the security room, hack the device and go inside. You will then receive Shock Gloves.

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Why did Batman stop using the shock gloves?

As shown in Origins, the gloves can be tracked as they give off a very strong and unique electromagnetic pulse. This can be used to explain why Batman had abandoned their use by the time of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Cash’s audio file states his confusion on the subject, as it made knocking out thugs easier.