How do you conjugate Mirar in the preterite?

How do you conjugate Mirar in the preterite?

How do you conjugate Mirar in the preterite?

Mirar is conjugated as a regular ar verb in the preterite tense….Mirar Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo miré
él/ella miró
nosotros/as miramos
vosotros/as mirasteis

What is the preterite tense of pedir?

Pedir is conjugated as an irregular verb in the preterite tense….Pedir Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo pedí
él/ella pidió
ns. pedimos
vs. pedisteis

What are the conjugations for pedir?

Pedir in the Indicative Present Tense

Subject Pronoun Present Tense Translation
pides You (informal) ask for
él, ella, usted pide He, she asks for; you (formal) ask for
nosotros nosotras pedimos We ask for
vosotros vosotras pedís You (plural, informal) ask for

How do you conjugate Mirar?

Mirar is a Spanish regular ar verb meaning to look at. Mirar appears on the 100 Most Used Spanish Verbs Poster as the 10th most used regular ar verb….Mirar Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo miro
él/ella mira
nosotros/as miramos
vosotros/as miráis

Is Pido a preterite?

To conjugate pedir in the preterite, use its stem ped- for all forms, EXCEPT FOR the third person (both singular and plural), which require the irregular stem pid-….

Subject Pronoun Preterite Conjugation Imperfect Conjugation
yo pedí pedía
pediste pedías
él/ella usted pidió pedía
nosotros nosotras pedimos pedíamos

What is the tu form of pedir?

Present Indicative

Yo pido
Usted/él/ella pide
Nosotros pedimos
Ustedes/ellos/ellas piden

What is the tu form of servir?

Servir in the Preterite

Subject Pronoun Preterite Tense Translation
yo serví I served
serviste You (informal) served
él, ella, usted sirvió He, she, you (formal) served
nosotros nosotras servimos We served

How do you conjugate escribir?

Escribir is a Spanish verb meaning to write. Escribir is conjugated as a regular ir verb in the preterite tense….Escribir Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo escribí
él/ella escribió
nosotros/as escribimos
vosotros/as escribisteis