How do you disassemble a Shakespeare reel?

How do you disassemble a Shakespeare reel?

How do you disassemble a Shakespeare reel?

Remove the reel mechanism from the back of the reel housing. Unscrew the handle by removing the screw through the center and set aside these parts. Remove the metal spool cover by extracting the screw through the center. Pull the spool with fishing line off the reel spindle and set aside.

Does Shakespeare fishing have a website?

It was founded by William Shakespeare, Jr….Shakespeare Fishing Tackle.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Pure Fishing

Is Shakespeare a good fishing reel?

From my experience, Shakespeare makes excellent fishing rods and reels. From my experience, the Shakespeare Agility is an excellent reel more than capable of handling everything it is designed to, and then a little more.

Why is my fishing rod not reeling?

When a fishing reel won’t reel in, there are two common problems to look for: The line is tangled, or the cast-bail is askew. Fixing either of these problems is quickly done, in the field or at home, using a minimum of hand tools. There is no need to remove any cover with spin reels as they have open faces.

Why can’t I reel in my fishing line?

Why is the drag on my reel not working?

A common problem with spinning reels is a frozen drag, which is often caused by dirt, debris, or the drag being left tightened. Always loosen your drag completely after using your spinning reel. If loosening the drag and turning the spool frees the drag, then there is usually no need for disassembly.

Are Shakespeare reels made in China?

Tackle addict I guess then, that all of our reels are made by prisoners in China and the name really means little. Pure Fishing makes their reels in Korea. If you want a reel with a pedigree, then Daiwa, Shimano and round Abus are still manufactured in their own factories.