How do you do a zone transfer?

How do you do a zone transfer?

How do you do a zone transfer?

To perform a zone transfer, type set q = any and then ls –d targetdomain. This will output the records that were received by the zone transfer. With all of the DNS information, it is possible to determine a lot about the network that uses that domain.

How do I check my zone transfer?


  1. Open an Admin CMD prompt on the IPAM server.
  2. Run the following commands: nslookup server set type=any ls -d > dnstest.txt exit.
  3. This will create a file, dnstest. txt, containing a list of the DNS records for this zone.

How do I request a DNS zone transfer?

Suggested Actions

  1. In the DNS Manager, right-click the name of the DNS zone and click Properties.
  2. On the Zone Transfers tab, click Allow zone transfer.
  3. Select Only to the following servers.
  4. Click Edit, then in the IP addresses of the secondary servers list, enter the IP addresses of the servers you wish to specify.

What triggers a zone transfer?

Zone transfer is always initiated by a secondary server. The secondary server contacts the master server and compares the serial number on the master with the serial number in its copy. If the serial number on the master is greater, the secondary initiates zone transfer.

What is zone transfer with Dig?

Digging DNS with a Zone Transfer Usually, a zone transfer is a normal operation between primary and secondary DNS servers in order to synchronise the records for a domain. This is typically not something you want to be externally accessible.

How long does a zone transfer take?

In normal circumstances, the TTL for a DNS zone plus its Refresh interval should give you the maximum time it will take for all DNS servers to get the latest information. Generally that’s a lot less than 24-48 hours.

Should I allow DNS zone transfers?

Zone transfers are not required for AD integrated zones because the zone is stored in the actual AD database and gets replicated to all DC/DNS servers in the replication scope of the zone (DomainNC partition, DomanDnsZones or ForestDnsZones application partitions).

What port is used for DNS zone transfer?

TCP Port 53
DNS Zone transfers are performed over TCP Port 53.

What is Quick zone transfer?

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