How do you do long exposure on Nikon d300?

How do you do long exposure on Nikon d300?

How do you do long exposure on Nikon d300?

Long Time-Exposures (M Mode Only)

  1. Ready the camera. Mount the camera on a tripod or place it on a stable, level surface.
  2. Select exposure mode M. Press the I button and rotate the main command dial until M is displayed in the control panel.
  3. Choose a shutter speed.
  4. Open the shutter.
  5. Close the shutter.

How do you set long exposure on a Nikon camera?

Turn the camera’s mode dial to Manual or Bulb shooting mode and use a slow shutter speed (5-30 seconds) for a longer exposure. The longer the exposure, the mistier the water appears. Use your camera’s self-timer or a cable release to take the photo with absolutely no blurring.

How do you set the timer on a Nikon d300?

Press MENU, go to the left and select up and down to the pencil icon. You’ll then see CUSTOM SETTING MENU on the color LCD. Click down to c TIMERS/AE&AF LOCK and click to the right.

Can you long exposure without ND filter?

Do You Need Neutal Density Filters for Long Exposures? No. An ND filter can make your job much easier, but it’s not a necessity. You can use different in camera settings and editing tricks to create beautiful long exposures without using filters.

What’s the default interval on the Nikon D300?

The D300 does more than a regular intervalometer. The D300 lets you shoot one shot at each interval, or a burst of them. The interval is set in another menu. The default interval is a minute and can be set from one second to many hours.

Where is the shooting menu on a Nikon D700?

Press MENU, click left and then up and down to select the camera (shooting) menu. You’ll then see “SHOOTING MENU” on the top of the screen. It sets parameters related to what film used to do. The Shooting Menu sets ISO, grain, contrast, color and a zillion other critical things that set the look of your images.

How does menu bank work on Nikon D300?

The D300 continuously alters whichever Shooting Menu Bank is selected. Choose a different Menu Bank and you’re changing that Menu Bank as you’re shooting. Menu Banks are confusing because all they do is return you to where you were when you last left them. If you haven’t selected a bank, the D300 defaults to Shooting Menu Bank A.