How do you fill out Estimated Earnings in the military?

How do you fill out Estimated Earnings in the military?

How do you fill out Estimated Earnings in the military?

Complete a separate Estimated Earnings During Military Service request form, RI 20-97 for each branch of service. Attach your Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, DD 214 (or equivalent), and any available records of pay or promotions to the RI 20-97 and send to the appropriate military finance center.

Where do I send RI 20-97?

military finance center
You must complete an RI 20-97, Estimated Earnings During Military Service, and mail it to the appropriate military finance center (see attached listing), with a copy of all DD Forms 214.

How do I pay back military time?

Contact your agency Human Resource department and arrange to pay back your military time. Complete either a SF-3108 or a SF-2803. You can make payments through payroll deduction or pay a lump sum if you desire.

What is the interest rate on military buyback?

For Military Service Credit deposits that do not cause a break in civilian service the amount to buy back the military time is 3% of your military earnings (with the exception of years 1999-2000 which are slightly higher percentage rate).

How do I verify military income?

To verify active-duty status for military members, as authorized under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), please visit the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) website for further information:

How long do I have to buy back my military time?

Officer with enlisted time (OE ranks) are supported at this time. Allows for breaks in military service and changes in rank. You are applying to buy back your military service time within three years of civilian service and therefore, no interest will be charged.

Is buying back your military time worth it?

You would earn your deposit back with 2 years of retirement! That is a great investment. And on top of all of that, buying back your military would bump up your creditable service (in our example) to 30 years which would allow you to retire at your MRA (minimum retirement age) instead of waiting until age 60.

How long do you have to buy back your military time?

How do employers verify military service?

Simply call NPRC or submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by mail. Recruiters looking to verify military service can ask candidates or employees directly for their service records to determine if a candidate meets the requirements of a contract or for employee veteran percentage records.